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Dark Pearl and Her Final Phase :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 18 7
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 14

The Savage Kung Fu Warrior
Back at the United World Headquarters, everyone shared their despair and tragic moments from their own worlds including Tiff's, but her side of the story brought Sonic to attention.
Sonic: NO WAY!  
Tiff: I couldn't believe it either.  Somehow that giant wyvern monster managed to vaporize our entire home planet.  It was too powerful for us all to face, even Kirby was no match.
Kirby makes a sad tone.
Kirby: Puyo.....
Tiff also became sad when she remembers her brother.
Tiff: And that monster....(sniffles) ....that monster took my brother away.
Sonic: Grrr...
Dawn: Tuff?  Oh no....
Serena: We're very sorry.
Tiff: (sniffles)
Kirby comforts the weeping Tiff even though he is sad as well.  Sonic is getting angry of Yvaatu.
Brock: The wyvern monster?  That doesn't sound like the one who destroye
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 7 26
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 13

Arceus' Rage
Somewhere in the Element Universe, in a world of the four nations,  and outside of Ba Sing Se, the large flat land is quiet and nothing is in sight.  Only the giant wall from the horizon that protects the great city and the desert wind.  Suddenly, a wormhole is opened and out of the rip came the Alpha Pokemon, Arceus.  It gallops across the sky and makes a u-turn back to the ground.  Despite the wondrous sight of the new world, Arceus is built up with great anger.  
Ever since his beloved world was destroyed by an intruder from another universe, his rage went over his limits and is determined to search for its destroyer, even if it means to cause rampage if anyone gets in his way.  His eyes are locked on the walls of Ba Sing Se.
Arceus: I shall bring upon judgement to this world if the one I seek lives here!  This is war!  RAAAAAARGH!!
The ragi
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 6 21
The Three Gods :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 31 25
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 12

The Last Pokemon Trainers
Back in the world of the 1st universe, Ash and his friends are watching a slideshow of the Primal Earth's beautiful sceneries on the big flat screen.  They are still down from the tragedy and pretty sad to even say a single word.  Pikachu and Piplup are sitting front of the window just staring at the mountains thinking about their home planet.  Cynthia is still inside in her own room feeling so much sorrow.  Her room is dark and her door is shut.  
The group has been quiet for a long time, until Serena makes a sigh.
Serena: (sighs) 
Ash: I'm very sorry, Serena.  It wasn't suppose to happen this way.
Serena: I know.... but what am I suppose to do now?
Ash: What do you mean?
Serena glances at the window where Pikachu and Piplup are staring from.
Serena: This group you and your other friends are in, I'm not familiar with
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 6 23
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 11

Hell On Dreamland
In the planet Popstar of the Star Universe, Dreamland is becoming in ruins by a powerful, wicked monster.  The green meadows has been dried out into barren wastelands, flames of dark purple and black burned up most of the forests, and thunder clashes from the dark purple clouds that are covering most of Cappy Town.  The citizens of the town are frightened by the colossal appearance of the sinister creature floating within the dark clouds.  The creature is a giant, Y-shaped wyvern with mysterious glowing markings on its body.  It has strings hanging from its wings and tail and the evil eye symbol on the center of its chest.  It screeches with might as the star warrior, Kirby approaches to it with the Warp Star.  With his winter hat, Kirby is equipped with the ability to throw bombs.  He is now Bomb Kirby.
Kirby: Puy!  Puya!
Wyvern: (screeches)
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 6 70
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 10

Two Worlds Down
In the Primal World of the first universe, Steve is almost done constructing the plaza for the United World headquarters.  His last piece was a decorative fountain covered in diamonds and stone blocks.  In the center of the fountain he built a statue of Katara, a member of the team who is a master of waterbending.  The water falls from the statue's fingertips and the small sprinklers are coming from underneath filling the fountain with enough water.  Steve is placing the final pieces for the fountain.
Steve: I am so excited.  I am almost done with the decor and sculpting for our plaza.  I can't wait to see their faces when they see my creativity.  
While he was building, a bright light appears behind him.  Steve turns around and he was blinded by the intense brightness.  A few seconds later the light disappears and out from the light are five Pok
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 6 18
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 9

The Beginning of Sorrow and Destruction
Ash and Cynthia rushed through the grove to chase down the explosion that shook the environment.  While they are running, a raging battle continues in the fields.  The two champions' Pokemon are being pulverized by the invader, Cell.  Diantha's Gardevoir dashes towards the enemy and fires a Shadow Ball directly at him.  Cell smacks the ball away with his hand like if it was a simple fly.  Then, Steven's shiny Metagross follows the next attempt with a Meteor Mash.  Cell stops and holds the attack with his elbow, despite the weight of the Pokemon.  He then back kicks Metagross away and throws it to Gardevoir, damaging it in the front side.  The two Pokemon tumbled near their trainers' feet.
Diantha: Gardevoir!
Steven: Impossible!  He's too powerful!
Cell: Come on!  I thought you two were champions!  S
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My Treasures :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 5 11 Pearl :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 39 8
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 8

The Shocking Truth
Back in the Pokemon Center of Lumoise City, Cynthia brings out her medicine to tend Pikachu's wounds.  She gently sprays her potion directly at its bruises.  Despite the small stings, each wound starts to fade in contact.  As she heals Ash's Pokemon, Ash stares at her slight, concern face with suspicion.  Cynthia can sense that he is looking at her and tries to avoid eye contact.  
Bonnie: I can't believe that you and Cynthia are friends!  How long do you two known each other?
Cynthia responds while she continues to heal Pikachu.
Cynthia: For a while.  Well, mostly during his journey in Sinnoh.  He wasn't the only one though.  He had other friends along with him that I know of.
Ash looks back at his friends.
Ash: Yeah!  We even had many adventures back then!
Cynthia suddenly stops.  Pikachu is nearly healed and stares a
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 5 5
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 7

The Invader from the Z Universe
Somewhere in the far meadows away from the city, several wild Pokemon are troubled by an unknown figure.  Some of the wild Pokemon are Ratata, Fletchling, Nuzleaf, Tangela, and few rare Pokemon such as Kirlia, Roserade, and Eevee and its evolutions.  They took steps backwards as the stranger approaches to them with no emotion.  He lifts his arm and aims his hand at the terrified Pokemon.  Then he generates a glow from his palm and fires an energy blast at them.  The blast collides and explodes with brightness and smoke.  The smoke lifts and reveals all of the wild Pokemon critically injured and lie faintly near death.
???: Just like every other world I visit.... weak and imperfect fighters.
He sees a Roserade and a Fletchling lying together in pain.  He kicks them away like little rocks.
???: Isn't there anyone here with at least eno
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 5 14
Cynthia and Shadow Smash (Mods) :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 19 2
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 6

The Champion Returns
Back in the world of the Gem universe, Pearl and Peridot were brought back to the beach by a portal Steve produced for them.  Pearl starts to walk slowly back to the house with disappointment.  Peridot follows her 
Peridot: Well...we're back...
Pearl: Yeah...back in our own dimension.
Her sorrow worries her.  She tries to cheer up.
Peridot: There's no need to be down.  Lets go report to the others about our encounters!
Pearl: That's the problem, Peridot.  We cannot tell them about this.  If they ever found out that we left with Steve, they will be-
Garnet: Disappointed...
Garnet and the others were behind them listening to their conversation.  They both turned with surprise and saw their unhappy faces.  Garnet and Amethyst looked furious while Steven is pretty upset.  Lapis is confused from the rest.
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 9 10
World War Chaos: Multiverse Twins Finale

The Champion and the Gem Goddess
Everyone is shocked by Moonstone's raging transformation.  Garchomp protects the frightened Cynthia as Moonstone approaches them slowly with her massive rage and power.
Moonstone: Now you've done it!  This is my ultimate, devastating form!  
Cynthia: ....Moonstone....please...I beg you to listen and calm down! 
Moonstone continues to walk forward.  Despite the pressure, Garchomp is still on its ground defending Cynthia from harm.  Her friends are too intimidated to assist her.
Ash: Oh no.  What do we do?
Alder: Shadow, go save her!
Shadow: Hmph!
Regardless of his injury, he rushes over to Cynthia.  Moonstone sees him skating over to her aid.  She instantly appears in front of him and slaps him away with her hand.  Shadow was thrown far to the lake with a splash.
Cynthia: SHADOW!
Sonic: <
:icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 6 5
Gem of the Moon :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 14 7


Xenoverse: Darkness Returns Prolouge
It has been a few years since after Mira's defeat In xenoverse 2, now things are becoming more normal.  Or are they?
Let's start at the beginning.  It's rise and shine in Conton city as the time patrollers prepare to do their investigations into history.  A newcomer has joined the time patroller and has made a little bit of progress over the months he's in.  The saiyan with a bandana, and a red and green gi looks up to the holographic statue of the hero who saved conton city from doom (Xenoverse 2 character).  He still can't believe that hero had so many adventures and wishes to be like him someday.  he pulls out a small red and white ball from his pocket.  The button was then pressed to increase the size of the ball.  He tosses it into the air and from the white light reveals a bug like creature with a flower on her back and red scythes for hands.
Squama: Lurantis, we got a big day a head of us, plus I
:iconacarter51:acarter51 1 0
Divine Emeralds :iconsupersaiyangodssj:SuperSaiyanGodssj 7 0
Multiverse Guardians: Chapter 1 Project 'New Life'
Cynthia: Spectre!
Spectre: Cynthia, Dawn. I'll make you a deal, give up and you or your friend won't get killed let alone hurt. If not, then you die.
Cynthia: You would kill us either way. Go Garchomp!
Garchomp bursts from its pokeball and stands in front of Cynthia and Dawn, separating them from Spectre.
Garchomp: Gar!
Spectre: You know me so well...
Dawn: Let's go Piplup!
Piplup bursts from its pokeball and stands next to Garchomp.
Spectre: How cute. An undersized penguin and an non aquatic shark. I'll show you how to strike real fear into the hearts of your enemies.
The sky begins to darken as the sun sets at the horizon. Spectre reveals his Ripper and it glows a bright blue in the darkness.
Spectre: You won't even see me coming. (turns invisible)
Cynthia: Not this. Garchomp, keep a close eye out.
Dawn: You do the same Piplup.
Garchomp: Gar.
Piplup: Piplup.
Suddenly Garchomp used Dragon Claw off to i
:icononefirefox220:OneFIREFOX220 1 5
Time Gone By :iconravencourse:Ravencourse 91 16
Multiverse Guardians: Prologue
Spectre came and went, back and forth he would leave through a portal and come back to where Ghost sat. Ghost was impatient to get going so he could fight Shepherd.
After about an hour of coming and going, Spectre finally came back with two other people: Jasper (normal) and Nightshade (Decepticon)
Ghost was curious to know who Nightshade was, he seemed to be a giant machine with weapons. Ghost overheard what was being said.
Spectre: ...United World may have found her, she did go to a world that two of them go to.
Nightshade: Then you have my full support on getting her to me.
Jasper: And what of the "heroes" we recruit.
Spectre: We let them believe what I tell them and then let them fight the United World. While they fight, we get your counterpart.
Ghost was confused, who was she and how was she a counterpart of anyone.
Jasper: So how many more recruits do we need?
Spectre: Three more would do. If they begin to figure things
:icononefirefox220:OneFIREFOX220 2 3
The Princess and the God :iconwolfythekitsune:WolfyTheKitsune 8 2 Request For A Friend :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 17 17 Duel in the Woods :iconmarkhoofman:MarkHoofman 76 3
Endless Night: Chapter 14 Gods and Dragons
Notch flew toward the Black-Dragon at unimaginable speeds. He punched her in the side of the snout knocking her back, but dealing no damage. The Black-Dragon blew some flames at him but Notch was able to move away from them with ease, but the Black-Dragon was expecting that, she opened the spikes on her tail and bashed Notch away dealing moderate damage.
Meanwhile back on the cliff.
: How can she control people with her poison?
Valor: We don't know, Garnet did tell us to avoid the tail...
Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet regenerate. Steven runs into their arms, worried.
Clay: What was it like being controlled by the Black-Dragon?
All 3 Gems: Terrible.
Moonstone: It was like being in some else's body, unable to control your movements and seeing through their eyes.
Goku: (getting up) I think I'll have to challenge you to a fight sometime in the future...
Moonstone: Then I guess I'll be looking forward to it.
Cynthia: Everyone
:icononefirefox220:OneFIREFOX220 2 2
Endless Night: Chapter 13 Sticks and Stones
Cronus began jumping down Mount Coronet.
Valor: Everybody get ready, he much more powerful than he looks.
Time Man: That worries me, because he looks pretty strong jumping down a mountain like that.
After a few seconds Cronus lands in front of them and looks at them with great hatred and suspicion.
Cronus: So... you survived the dragon's blast, (to Valor) and you survived me. I never trusted that wolf, that's why I gave him that pendant. So he would be more loyal.
At that same moment everyone heard snarling back where they left Sabastian and Nightfire.
Valor: Crap, I forgot about that pendant.
Cronus: You wouldn't have been able to remove it anyway. Its enchanted so only I can remove it.
Cynthia: Why are you doing this?
Cronus: Simple. Mainly to destroy all of you. You all had stopped my previous plan for universal domination, but I guess the only way to get things done, is to do it yourself.
Mega Man: But why do you want to rule
:icononefirefox220:OneFIREFOX220 1 8
Red Diamond spent some time studying other life forms on earths. More specifically: Humans. Even more specifically: Steven. Seeing how Steven is a hybrid and is unaffected by gem destabilizers, Red wanted to see if he can do the same to full blooded gems
After hundreds of years of research, Red Diamond finally found a way: Crystallization. Crystallization is the process of making a gem's physical (light) form permanent. How it works is that Red Diamond has a serum that starts the process up. The serum is injected into the gemstone of a gem and soon, the insides of the gem's physical form crystals and minerals of their gem. The process can take at least 2 hours to finish and it is painful to go through. (Deadly if the serum is injected into a human or non gem). At the cost of losing the ability to shapeshift and to never be able to change your appearance, gems will NOT be able to be poofed since it is an actual form. They would be able to take more punishment and they would still have t
:icongoldensalvador:GoldenSalvador 2 573
Terra x Aqua Ash x Dawn Pikachu and Piplup :iconalienskiller1:alienskiller1 6 0
Endless Night: Chapter 12 It's About Time
Spectre and Ares are reporting to Cronus.
Cronus: HE DID WHAT?!
Spectre: You must be getting deaf because I said that pretty clearly.
Cronus: Don't you be a smart ass.
Ares: But yes we said it right. Alpha Hand betrayed us, he let the Black-Dragon loose and destroyed our source of soldiers.
Cronus: At least she destroyed the United World. Better than what you did Spectre. You didn't kill any of them.
Spectre: I was testing them, they were easy for me to defeat but there were only six of them to kill. So if I let them live, they would lead me to the rest of them.
Ares and Cronus took that into consideration.
Ares: And the Black-Dragon? She will eventually find and destroy us...
Spectre: She does also have a past in other worlds. One in particular that put her where she was.
Cronus: And what's that?
Spectre: The stick world. If I heard correctly, Mega Man was one of the people who put her in the vortex.
:icononefirefox220:OneFIREFOX220 1 3
False Sonic :iconsupersaiyangodssj:SuperSaiyanGodssj 8 2
Endless Night: Chapter 11 Darkness Returns #2
Thor: That's you say about those of the past. But we have united to help save the universe from threats like you.
Black-Dragon: And Cronus? Do you think I'm on his side?
Alexandrite: Well you must be, he's the one who made the plan to free you!
Black-Dragon: But that doesn't mean I'm on his side. I want to destroy the endless universes and leave it that way, Cronus wants to rule it. Just like every typical villain: (anger) wanting to rule something just because it makes them feel powerful.
Optimus: Then why do you want to destroy it?
Black-Dragon: Let's call it a cleansing... and you are one of the many targets.
Optimus: You sicken me!!!
Black-Dragon: Then prove to me that I can be defeated.
Steve: Then that's what we'll do.
Alexandrite attacked the Black-Dragon and Optimus joined in. Optimus stabbed the Black-Dragon but his blade didn't pierce her scales making it look like her was poking her really hard. The Black-Dragon
:icononefirefox220:OneFIREFOX220 1 0
Endless Night: Chapter 10 Darkness Returns #1
The fighting began inside and outside the throne room.
A shadow of each hero, except Shenmi, fighting to take the Throne of Odin.
Shadow Soldiers block the entrances and exits, keeping Asgardian Guards from joining the inside battle.
Each hero is fighting their own shadow copy while Alpha Hand watches the combat, Nightfire walks slowly toward the throne.
We'll start with the gems combat.
Pearl flips away from a slash from Shadow Pearl's{SP} spear, Pearl then shoots a blast from her spear but SP slashes through it. SP then rushes Pearl and slashes three times, Pearl blocks them all with much effort.
Amethyst stuns Shadow Amethyst{SA} with her whip and then wraps SP with it allowing Pearl to slash SP, it dissipates. SA recovers from the stun and uses two whips to whack Pearl and Amethyst dealing moderate damage each.
Garnet continues to fight with Shadow Garnet{SG}.
Pearl and Amethyst dodge another whip from SA. Amethyst tries to stun SA but it jumps away
:icononefirefox220:OneFIREFOX220 1 12



30 deviations
I will return to my crossover fanfiction after the next two weeks.  I'm working on other stuff.
Dark Pearl and Her Final Phase
Dark Pearl again but this time in traditional art.  Her final form has been revealed.

Pearl belongs to Steven Universe, Cartoon Network.
World War Chaos 3- The Dark Dynasty- Fanfiction by ToonEmpire24

The Savage Kung Fu Warrior

Back at the United World Headquarters, everyone shared their despair and tragic moments from their own worlds including Tiff's, but her side of the story brought Sonic to attention.

Sonic: NO WAY!  
Tiff: I couldn't believe it either.  Somehow that giant wyvern monster managed to vaporize our entire home planet.  It was too powerful for us all to face, even Kirby was no match.

Kirby makes a sad tone.

Kirby: Puyo.....

Tiff also became sad when she remembers her brother.

Tiff: And that monster....(sniffles) ....that monster took my brother away.
Sonic: Grrr...
Dawn: Tuff?  Oh no....
Serena: We're very sorry.
Tiff: (sniffles)

Kirby comforts the weeping Tiff even though he is sad as well.  Sonic is getting angry of Yvaatu.

Brock: The wyvern monster?  That doesn't sound like the one who destroyed our world.
Ash: Cell?  He looks more like a human bug.  But now there's a giant wyvern too.
Sonic: And that wyvern was responsible for my world's destruction.

Tiff, Kirby, and Meta Knight are surprised to hear that they are not the only victims to Yvaatu.

Meta Knight: The beast devoured your planet too?
Sonic: Yeah.  I tried to fight back at it, but I failed.  It's strange though, when I get close to it, my life force was being drained out of nowhere.  That's why I lost.
Serena: Hmmm....

Serena has a theory in her mind but she then kept herself quiet because she believes it is impossible.  Ash looks at her.

Ash: Serena, you thought about something?
Serena: Oh... no, Ash.  I was just thinking about something else.
Ash: ......
Meta Knight: This is strange.  We're from different universes and we both have encountered this monstrosity.  How can that monster travel in different worlds if we're totally separated from each other?

They all start to think.  Cynthia speaks out.

Cynthia: A creature that can travel different universes, I don't think it's possible.  Unless...
Dawn: Unless what, Cynthia?
Cynthia: Unless someone or something with an entity of dimension travel is supporting the monster she spoke of.  Was there anyone controlling the wyvern?

Tiff shook her head.

Tiff: No.  It was all by itself.

Sonic realizes something from before.  He remembers another strange character he encountered.

Sonic: In my point of view, there was someone else I saw.

They all stare at him intently.

Sonic: Before the monster's approach, I saw a dark version of myself.  Somehow he knew about the arrival of the wyvern.
Steve: A dark version of you?
Dawn: You mean that creepy state where you turn your eyes white and your body black?
Sonic: Yeah.  He was just standing and waited for that thing to come.  It's so weird.  I hope it was just my head projecting the dark form because.... another me..... there has to be an explanation.

Kirby remembers the dark hedgehog and the evil Pearl.  He jumps up and down to warn them about the two.

Kirby: Puyo!  Puya!  Puy!

Serena sees Kirby trying to get attention.

Serena: Uh excuse me, I think your friend wants something.
Tiff: Kirby, we'll give you something to eat later.  Don't you see we're having a crisis here?
Kirby: Puya!  Puyo!
Tiff: Kirby!

Kirby stops jumping and feels disappointed.  They were all too worried and confused to understand him.  Steve is becoming more concerned about his other friends'.

Steve: Another Dark Sonic, a giant wyvern, Perfect Cell.......

He starts to talk in his mind.

Steve: (The colored figures....Tai Lung.....The Perfect Universe.... are they all connected somehow?)

Suddenly, a bright light appears behind him.  He turns around and he and everyone else were blinded by the brightness.  The brightness stops and out of the light was Team Avatar and the Dragon Warrior, Po.  Po, Zuko, and Aang are completely unconscious.

Steve: There's MORE!?  INCREDIBLE!
Ash: It's the Avatar gang!
Sonic: And Po too!  
Katara: Hey it's them!
Sokka: WOW!  It's so awesome to see you guys again!  It has been so-so-

He and his group just realized that Po was with them.

Sokka: WHA!?  Where did he come from!?
Katara: He wasn't with us earlier.  And look he's in bad shape too.

Cynthia is starting to feel worried about the unfortunate events.  Her heart is pounding with anxiety.

Cynthia: Don't tell me....their worlds have been destroyed too?
Serena: Oh dear....

Sonic and Steve went up to them.  Steve checks on Aang, Zuko, and Po while Sonic asks them a question.

Sonic: What happened back there?
Toph: First of all, we were confronted by this four legged beast and this beast was wrecking Ba Sing Se.
Katara: He was trying to look for someone who had destroyed his Earth.  We tried to stop him, but unfortunately we were facing a god.  Not even Aang was strong enough to defeat it.
Sonic: A god?

Cynthia walks up to them.

Cynthia: And what about Zuko?
Toph: We don't know what happened to him.  We were about to be blasted until we were transported to the Fire Nation.  The woman in the white cloak was the one who saved us.

Sonic, Cynthia, and Steve are surprised.

Cynthia and Sonic: THE WHITE FIGURE!
Steve: ......!

Tiff and Kirby went up to them as well to share the same experience.

Tiff: The White Figure?  She was the one who saved us too!
Kirby: Puya!
Katara: Really?
Cynthia: She rescued me and my group as well.  Basically whoever was rescued by her tells us that their worlds are destroyed.  That's why we're all here....because our worlds are gone.

Katara and her group are astonished by their side of the story.

Steve: Except me.  I came here on my own just to work on this place.  I had no idea that worlds are being blown up until now.
Katara: If that's the case.... then that means our world.....

The others kept themselves silent with sorrow.  She and her friends became speechless.

Sokka: .......!
Cynthia: Yes.  That is possible.  And I guess Po was rescued by her too.  And maybe his world was doomed too.
Steve: Yeah.  This is bad.

Sonic watches all of his friends becoming depressed and devastated including Katara's group.  He senses trouble for others and he is determined to do something about it.  He walks up to Steve.

Sonic: Steve, you still have the last time and space wool with you?
Steve: Well yes.  I do, but it is now converted into something I called Multiverse Cube.  Look I'll show you-
Sonic: No time for show and tell.  I need to use it.

Steve brings out his Multiverse Cube and paused.

Steve: Why?
Sonic: I'm planning to go get Mordecai.
Ash: Mordecai?
Dawn: That's right!  Mordecai is our friend too!  We should go save him before he becomes the wyvern's next victim.
Sonic: Can we, Steve?

Steve didn't deny his request, but instead he volunteers to join.

Steve: I will join you, Sonic.  I have explaining to do as well.  You see, Mordecai and Pearl were here before you guys came.

Everyone is mumbling to each other about Pearl and Mordecai.  The confession alerted Sonic and the Pokemon gang.

Sonic: Mordecai and Pearl?
Steve: Yeah, but now it's not the time.  Something is going on and it tells me that it is going to be disastrous.  We must gather all of our members before they're wiped out.
Sonic: Right!

Cynthia tries to volunteer.

Cynthia: I'll go with you both.
Sonic: Thanks, Cynthia, but let us both go.  Just in case, if something happens here, you all must stay and defend our only refuge.  The Primal World is our only safe spot we have.  I'm counting on you and the others to watch over this place.
Steve: I'll put you in charge of our headquarters.  

Cynthia is flexible with his request.  She nods and agrees to take charge in the base.

Sonic: Thanks.  We'll be back safe with Mordecai.  I promise.
Cynthia: Just be careful.

Steve has gathered his diamond sword, his bow and arrows, and few of the potions for their mission.  Sonic goes up closer to Cynthia and hands over his six Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: Take care of these and place them somewhere inside your room.
Cynthia: Are you sure?  What if you need them?
Sonic: Nah, I won't be needing them for now.  We have Steve's new time and space cube.
Steve: Eh hem!  Multiverse Cube...

Cynthia has six emeralds in her arms.  She then watches the two preparing to travel to another universe.  Steve raises his Multiverse Cube and summoned a portal in front of them.

Sonic: Lets go!  Off to Mordecai's world!
Steve: Uh...we're not going to his Earth.
Sonic: Oh....then where is he?
Steve: Somehow he and the rest of the park crew are in the vast open space.  We're going to their space dome.
Sonic: Okay...?

The two entered the portal and disappeared.  The portal closes and Cynthia and her group are left behind with the base.


Somewhere in Irregular Universe, somewhere in space inside the park's dome, Mordecai and his gang were being pulverized by a powerful foe, Tai Lung.  Unfortunately Pops, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, and Eileen have received death from his fists.  Benson, Rigby, and Mordecai are all cowering near the doorsteps while Skips tries to fight off against the kung fu warrior.  Tai Lung's strength is way beyond their imagination.  Skips is being beaten horribly by his multiple kicks and jabs.

Rigby: Skips!  
Mordecai: Dude, watch your left-

Skips gets impacted in his left hip.  He then gets jabbed in the gut and launched all away to a tree.

Mordecai: Oooo....
Benson: Skips!

Tai Lung then turns to the remaining three and approaches to them slowly.  They are completely intimidated.

Tai Lung: And now for the United World's member, Mordecai.
Mordecai: Oh man!  What do you want with me?  How do you know about the United World?
Rigby: You know I never got the chance to see them.  Can I at least meet them before I die?
Tai Lung: I don't take requests from imperfect beings.  I'm just here to eliminate the jay.  For you see, Mordecai, you were suppose to be obliterated along with your planet.

Mordecai and his friends are shocked.

Mordecai: .....!  What do you mean "suppose to"?  Why is the Earth relevant to this?
Tai Lung: Didn't you listen to what I just said?  Your world has been wiped out from existence!
Benson: WHAT!?  Since when!?
Tai Lung: Hours ago.  Our Yvaatu successfully absorbed the entire life from the planet and destroyed it into pieces of rock.  But our intentions was to kill the jay, one of the important members of the multiverse team.

Despite the fear, Mordecai giggled from being one of the important ones.

Mordecai: Hehe, I'm important.
Tai Lung: That's not something to laugh about!  The leader of the Perfect Universe demands especially you, the hedgehogs, and the Pokemon gang to be removed from the team!  
Mordecai: The Perfect Universe!?  (gasp)  You're Tai Lung!
Tai Lung: Hahahah!  And guess what?  The blue and black hedgehog are already defeated, as well as the Pokemon group!
Sonic: Guess again, pal!

Tai Lung is shocked.  He turns right and he sees Sonic and Steve standing with confidence.  Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson are excited to see them.

Mordecai: Sonic!  Steve!
Benson: We're saved!
Rigby: Awesome!
Tai Lung: What the!?  IMPOSSIBLE!  I thought you were destroyed by Yvaatu!

Sonic becomes fascinated by the name as he prepares for battle.

Sonic: Yvaatu, huh?  Looks like we got the name for the wyvern.  
Steve: And the ones who are responsible for it!  The Perfect Universe!

Tai Lung is fascinated by Steve.  He gets reminded of the past mission from the Minecraft Universe.

Tai Lung: So you're Steve.  I've been searching for you and now you came to me.
Steve: I'm aware of your plan.  Peridot told me about it.
Tai Lung: That despicable green rock?  Hmph!

Sonic sees Mordecai and the others leaning near the steps.

Sonic: Are you okay, Mordecai?
Mordecai: For now, but guess what?  This guy says my world got destroyed.
Sonic: Sorry, Mordo.  If he's familiar with the wyvern, then he's telling the truth.
Mordecai: NO WAY!
Sonic: Hey, you're not alone, pal.  We're victims too.
Mordecai: WHAT!?

Tai Lung puts his attention to Sonic and Steve.  He adjusts his body and cracked his knuckles.

Tai Lung: Fine, I guess I have three members to eliminate.  I defeated the so called Dragon Warrior, what are the chances of you two defeating me?  Thanks to the wondrous Perfect Universe's influence, I have achieved the strength of the outside worlds!
Sonic: Then bring it!

Music: [/]

Tai Lung suddenly bursts his aura and it flares around his body with a power increase.  Sonic and Steve are astonished by his new talent.

Sonic: (impressed whistle) Shadow does that too.  This could go bad.

Sonic and Steve vs. Tai Lung

Tai Lung dashes with his arms and legs like a raging leopard.  Sonic ducks down and performs a spin dash.  He charges up his spin and he fires his entire body towards him.  Sonic was too fast for him, therefore he gets tackled right in the face.  Sonic bounces back and he does a second spin attack.  He fires his body again and he successfully hits him again.  Tai Lung is flinched by the impact.

Tai Lung: Damn it!  You're too fast!  Grrrrrr!

Sonic returns back to Steve.

Sonic: Come on!  Show me something good!
Mordecai: Dude, don't be overconfident!  This guy is serious!
Tai Lung: You may be speedy, but you are no kung fu warrior.

Tai Lung uses all of his might to punch the ground and caused a huge crack between their feet.  The crack then opens up and energy erupted from the earth, causing damage to Sonic and Steve.

Sonic: Aargh!
Steve: Ooo!

They both landed back on another spot.  Steve then brings out his sword and rushes over to Tai Lung.  Sonic follows him from behind.  Together they use physical combat on him, but Tai Lung blocks every attack.  His swift blocks are giving Sonic and Steve difficulty.  

From watching the fight, Mordecai is determined to help out his team.  He goes back inside the house to retrieve a weapon.

Benson: Where are you going?
Rigby: Dude!  
Mordecai: Hold on!

Sonic and Steve continue to throw punches, kicks, and sword slashes, but Tai Lung keeps himself calm and blocked every attack.  

Sonic: *attacking* Whoa!  This guy's really good!  I can't even hit him now!
Steve: *attacking* Not even my sword can penetrate through his arms!
Tai Lung: *blocking* I am the true kung fu master!  What do you expect from a great fighter like myself?

While they are fighting, Mordecai comes back out and he brought his own baseball bat.  

Rigby: Mordecai, I don't think that's going to do anything.
Mordecai: Watch me.

With no fear, Mordecai ran towards the fight with a battle cry.  In the struggle, Tai Lung counters back with a horizontal kick and launched Sonic and Steve away from his distance.  Mordecai sees a perfect opening and he swings his bat hard at the back of his head.  Tai Lung flinched from the sudden swing and he turns around to see Mordecai holding a bat.

Mordecai looks at him in the eye and becomes intimidated.

Tai Lung: (chilling growl)
Mordecai: Oh....god....
Rigby: I told you it wouldn't work!  Run away!

Sonic and Steve got up and sees Mordecai in trouble.

Sonic: Mordecai!
Steve: I got this.

Steve drank one potion of strength and his power increased with an aura flare.  He tosses his iron pickaxe at Tai Lung like a boomerang and it caused critical damage to his back.  He fell down on one knee and Mordecai sees this as an opportunity to hit him again.  He swung his bat on top of his head and Tai Lung falls down with his face on the grass.  Mordecai taunts at him.

Mordecai: Aw yeah!  That's what you get-
Tai Lung: Grrrrr!

Tai Lung sweeps Mordecai's feet and gets back up.  Mordecai is now lying on the floor.

Tai Lung: You were saying?

He raises his feet and throws it down to his body, but quickly Steve intercepts the kick with his sword and tossed one harming potion at his face.  Tai Lung roars in pain as the bottle shatters with glass and harmful liquid.  Steve then hits him with his sword and with the effect of strength lingering, he was able to launch him towards a tree and crashed right through it.

Sonic then heads over to Mordecai and helps him up.  Mordecai groans as his legs began to stand.

Sonic: That was a nice hit, Mordo, but you gotta be careful next time.
Mordecai: Damn, dude.  That low sweep hurts.... but....(chuckled)  it was worth it.
Steve: Lets just gather the other three and leave.  I have a feeling this park won't be here for long.
Tai Lung: You are correct with that one, fool.

Tai Lung returns to the fight with a leap.  He smacks the dirt and leaves off his shoulders.

Tai Lung: This remaining piece of rock needs to destroyed.  It is the last property of the jay's planet and it must be vanquished along with the rest.  But before I do that, you three need to be put down.

Tai Lung vanished instantly and reappeared in front of Steve.  He hits him with a stun jab and Steve collapses with paralysis.  Sonic and Mordecai are astonished by his quick defeat.

Sonic: Steve!

He jabs Sonic and Mordecai as well with the same effect.  Sonic and Mordecai collapsed with paralysis too.

Music Stops.

Battle Ended

Sonic: Awgh....
Mordecai: body...
Tai Lung: Hahahah!  That was too easy!  Three in one match!

With Skips on their side, Benson and Rigby are frightened by their loss.  Rigby turns to Skips for a plan.

Rigby: Skips, is there a way to stop him?  He's going to kill them!
Benson: Skips?
Skips: The only way to stop him is to fight in a higher power state.  But no one in this park has a high power level to even confront him.
Benson: So this means there is nothing for us to do!?  We're just going to watch them die!?

Skips didn't respond.  He continues to watch and hopes for a miracle to happen.

Tai Lung: Alright....

He charges up a mystical ball of energy from his palm.  He aims it at the heroes.

Tai Lung: Mission complete....
???: Hyaah!
Tai Lung: ....?

He looks up and sees an energy blast coming straight at him.  He leaps backwards and avoids the blast.  Skips' wish has come true.

Skips: There it is!
Benson: What was that?  Where did it come from?
Rigby: Look!

They all look above the sky and saw a figure descending down to the fight.  Tai Lung remembers the figure and he is shocked to see him face to face.  The figure is none other than the Saiyan warrior, Goku.  His face is filled with determination.

Music: [/]

Goku vs. Tai Lung

Tai Lung: No... No!  It's impossible!  You were suppose to be dead!  How did you survive the devastation!?
Goku:'re the one who is responsible for destroying my world.  I won't show you mercy.

Tai Lung growls with fury as he sees Goku in his fighting stance.  Behind him came three other visitors.  One of the visitors came close to the heroes and used his healing powers on them.  The energy wave recovers their paralysis and wounds as if they were never hurt.  They all got up and saw a small Namekian known as Dende.  

Sonic: Wow!  That felt great!  Thanks, uh?
Mordecai: Who are you guys?

Another Namekian with a turban and cape and a Saiyan with a serious look approaches to them.  They are both Piccolo and Vegeta.

Dende: Dende.  These two are Piccolo and Vegeta.
Piccolo: Are you alright?
Steve: We are now.  Thanks for helping us. 
Vegeta: Hmph, what an odd character.

They all face at Tai Lung and Goku.  They are ready to fight.

Mordecai: Hey, dude!  Be careful with that guy!  He's pretty powerful!
Vegeta: Hah!
Piccolo: Don't you worry about Goku.  That foe is finished.
Steve: Goku?

Steve looks closely at him and tries to remember the name.  He has heard that name before but couldn't find out when.

Goku: Lets get this started!
Tai Lung: I know the result of this battle already, I'll just explore this fighter to see if it's true.

He makes his first move.  He rushes at him with his arms and legs and then he leaps with his claws open.  Goku leaps backwards and avoids the claws.  Right when he lands, he boosts himself and he throws a powerful punch.  He punches him in the cheek and launched back to his ground.  As he tumbles through, Goku then follows with a vanish.  He reappears in his way and kicks him up into the air.  He telaports again and reappears above him.  He uses two of his fists to volleyball him back to the ground.  A small crater is formed.

Mordecai: Whoa!
Sonic: Was that speed?
Goku: Alright!  Now it's your turn to suffer!

He yells with his might and his hair begins to rise and glow.  With a power burst, he transforms into a Super Saiyan.  His super appearance fascinates Sonic and his friends.

Sonic: Look at that!  He turned super without the need of the Chaos Emeralds!
Steve: This guy....I want to recruit him.

Tai Lung rises and he sees Goku's Super Saiyan form.  He is troubled.

Tai Lung: *sweating* This can't be happening!

Goku vanishes and reappears in front of him.  He catches him off guard and he punches him in the gut, petrifying him in intense pain.  He holds his stomach in agony.

Tai Lung: .....!
Goku: That's for my friends.

He then focuses on his power and upgrades into Super Saiyan two.  His golden hair is spikier and electricity surges everywhere around him.  With his second state, he fires a shock wave and launched Tai Lung through several trees.  The heroes are impressed with his powers.

Goku: That's for the innocent people!

He then ascends up into the sky while watching his opponent trying to get up.

Mordecai: He's flying!?
Sonic: Well in super form that happens, Mordecai.
Piccolo: He could always fly.  That goes the same for us.
Steve and Mordecai: REALLY!? 

Tai Lung is back on his feet with a bad bruise on his belly.  He looks around and he finds no sign of Goku, until, he looks up with terror.

Goku: And this!  This is for the entire world you and your monster have taken away from me!

He yells louder than before.  The dome's glass is starting to break, the park is shaking, and their house is falling apart.  Everyone except for Piccolo and Vegeta braced for the next ascending power.  

Goku's hair became longer and his face has changed.  He has transformed into Super Saiyan three.  The heroes and Tai Lung are awed by his ultimate form.

Sonic: Incredible!  Look at his hair!
Steve: I have never seen this super transformation before!
Mordecai: Dude....
Tai Lung: .......!  

Goku cuffs his hands and he charges it for a Kamehameha.

Tai Lung: No....!

A blue powerful energy is growing in his hands.  


Music Stops

The blue wave of blue energy is coming towards Tai Lung.  He reaches out for something, but it was too late.  The beam hits him and light illuminates the entire park.  The blast continues to engulf the enemy, but then..... the blast gets extinguished.  Tai Lung is covered with multiple burns, scratches, and blood, but his entire appearance has changed.  His body is filled with dark aura.  He extinguished the blast by shielding with his mystical charm.  The charm has a gemstone, black with dark purple flowing around it embedded in the center.  It is now shattered into dust .

Battle Ended

Piccolo: WHAT!?
Vegeta: That blast was suppose to kill that beast!  
Sonic: Why does he have that glow?

Goku is confused.  He waits in the air as the enemy starts to laugh.

Tai Lung: Heheheh....Hahahahahahahah!  Now's my chance!

With his dark flare, he punched through the earth and the entire park is shaking.  Cracks are being made and everything is collapsing, even the glass dome has shattered into billions of pieces.

Mordecai: Dude!  He's destroying the park!
Sonic: Why was it out here in space in the first place?
Mordecai: Long story!

Goku reverts back to his normal form and he heads over to Benson, Rigby, and Skips to rescue.  Tai Lung's dark flare fades and he chuckles with delight.  He brings out his dark red orb and uses it to make a portal for his escape.

Tai Lung: That was a close one.  

He disappears along with his portal.

Sonic: He got away!
Mordecai: Forget about him!  What about us?  Everything is breaking apart!
Piccolo: Goku!

Goku arrives with the other three.  

Vegeta: Why didn't you destroy him, Kakarot?
Goku: I swear that Kamehameha should've vaporized him.  I don't know what happened?
Dende: Lets argue about about it later. We have to get out of here!
Goku: Alright.  Grab hold of me, everyone!

Vegeta, Piccolo, and Dende went up to him and held their hands on him.  Sonic, Mordecai, and the rest are confused.

Rigby: Why do we need to touch you?
Vegeta: Quit talking and come over here!  Unless you want die?
Rigby: Okay, okay!  Don't have to be that aggressive!
Steve: Hey, guys!

Steve caught their attention and they're all amazed to see a portal right next to him.  

Piccolo: A wormhole?  How did you-
Steve: I used my Multiverse Cube!  Now come on!  Lets go!
Goku: That works too!  We're coming!

They all followed Steve and entered through the portal.  Everyone has evacuated the park.  As the portal disappears, the park starts to crumble into pieces.  Everyone else that were murdered by Tai Lung are stuck to die along with their home.  Everything has crumbled and the floating park has been destroyed.

To Be Continued.....

World War Chaos 3- Chapter 14
The 14th chapter of my crossover.  With more rising tensions going on, Sonic and Steve set out to go get Mordecai, but there they face one of the members of the Perfect Universe.  

This is where my Hiatus begins.  I will be working on something else for now, but I will resume once it's done.

Ch. 13:
Ch. 15: TBA


Sonic (c) Sonic Series, SEGA

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Steve (c) Minecraft, Mojang/Microsoft

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Pearl, Peridot (c) Steven Universe, Cartoon Network

Cell (c) Dragon Ball Z, Funimation
World War Chaos 3- The Dark Dynasty- Fanfiction by ToonEmpire24

Arceus' Rage

Somewhere in the Element Universe, in a world of the four nations,  and outside of Ba Sing Se, the large flat land is quiet and nothing is in sight.  Only the giant wall from the horizon that protects the great city and the desert wind.  Suddenly, a wormhole is opened and out of the rip came the Alpha Pokemon, Arceus.  It gallops across the sky and makes a u-turn back to the ground.  Despite the wondrous sight of the new world, Arceus is built up with great anger.  

Ever since his beloved world was destroyed by an intruder from another universe, his rage went over his limits and is determined to search for its destroyer, even if it means to cause rampage if anyone gets in his way.  His eyes are locked on the walls of Ba Sing Se.

Arceus: I shall bring upon judgement to this world if the one I seek lives here!  This is war!  RAAAAAARGH!!

The raging yell caught the earthbending soldier's attention.  They all stared at the Pokemon with great confusion.

Soldier#1: What is that thing?
Soldier#2: A monster?

The commander shows up and he also sees the mysterious creature from the horizon.

Commander: Hmmm....
Soldier#3: Sir, that creature seems unusual.  What are your orders?

Arceus starts to ascend to the air and gallop towards the wall.  His approach has alarmed the commander.

Commander: It's not the Avatar's bison that's for sure.  Prepare to defend the city!  

The commander's shout caused all of his men to prepare for battle against the Pokemon.  It is a state of emergency to them.  As Arceus closes in, the earthbenders had their boulders floating for an attack.  They all waited for the commander's orders.

Commander: Ready....FIRE!

The earthbenders fired their boulders at Arceus.  The rocks are coming at him like cannonballs, so to prevent getting harmed Arceus unlocks his ability with one his sacred plates.  One of the plates changed his ring's color into dark brown.  The boulders made contact but no damage was given.  The boulders shattered as they hit his body.

Soldier#4: What!?
Commander: It didn't do anything!  Grrrr!  Keep firing!
Soldiers: YES SIR!

The soldiers continue to launch multiple rocks at Arceus, but every rock failed to damage the Original One.  Arceus continues to soar through the air until it reaches to the wall's perimeter.  The flying boulders are starting to irritate him.

Arceus: Can't you see that your worldly powers won't work on me!?  RAAAAAAGGHHH!

Arceus unleashes a Hyper Voice attack, blowing all the soldiers including the commander off the great wall.  The strength of the Hyper Voice is so strong, the wall of Ba Sing Se is beginning to break and the buildings behind it are collapsing, causing the people to panic out of their homes.  The powerful shout caught the heroes of this world to attention.  They were still developing the plans for the city of the future.

Sokka: Ow!  My ears!
Aang: It came from outside.
Katara: Lets go!

Arceus resumes with his search.  He soars through the air and above the city.  Everyone is frightened by the mystical creature.  They all ran in many parts of the city to avoid his rage.  Arceus stops and checks below hoping to find the destroyer of his world.  He senses one strong power level in the city.  He becomes furious.

Arceus: I sense it!  The great power level!  WERE YOU THE ONE!?

He charges a glowing energy on its forehead.  He raised his head and launched the energy into the sky.  His signature move, Judgement was released and from the burst, multiple, falling straight lines crashed down onto the city like meteors.  Each meteor is so devastating that several buildings were blown up by one blast.  The angrier the Pokemon God gets, the more devastating his attacks become.


The Pokemon uses Extremespeed on several earthbending soldiers that were approaching him.  All soldiers were launched and knocked out by a lightning blow.  Arceus instantly reappears back to his place where he was.

Arceus: Who's power am I sensing!?  Was he the one who vanquished my creation!?

Out of nowhere, a slash of wind was fired and Arceus is slapped by the razor wind.  It was puny to him but irritating.  He faces at the direction where it was fired and he sees a group of heroes, Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph.  Iroh is behind them looking at the Pokemon with awe.

Iroh: In all my life, I have never seen this beast before.
Toph: What does this beast look like?  Anyone?
Sokka: It kinda looks like Appa, but with only four legs, thinner body, shorter tail, bad temper, a brown ring on its waist....oh and it talks too.

Aang stares at Arceus with a serious look.  To him, Arceus is a major threat.

Aang: Hey!  Why are you terrorizing the great earth city and its people?  I demand your answer now!

Aang raised his staff against him.  

Arceus: You are in no position to give me orders!  Do not interfere with my search!  Unless....

Arceus instantly reappears behind them, spooking them and catching them off guard.

Arceus: You are the one who's power level I'm sensing.  WERE YOU THE ONE WHO DESTROYED ALL LIFE ON MY EARTH!?

Aang is shocked to hear his anger.  His friends are completely confused.

Katara: Your Earth?  What are you talking about?
Aang: I would never have the intentions to eliminate life!  
Arceus: If it's not you, then do not interfere!

Arceus turns around and slowly returns to his rampage.

Music: [/]

Aang: I will interfere!  I will not allow you to harm anymore people for your ridiculous reasons!
Arceus: You fool!

Arceus vs. Team Avatar

Aang opens his staff and uses it to fly towards Arceus while his friends are following from behind.  Arceus turns around and sees Aang coming close like a jet.  He uses all of his energy and unleashed a forceful attack, Gravity.  Aang and everyone else in his radius fell down flat by the intense pressure of Arceus' Gravity.  Aang crashes down with a meteor effect and a crater was formed underneath him.  He tries to get up despite the awful pain he received.

Aang: Ggh...awgh....what was that?

His friends are slowly getting up from the ground.  The strong gravity effect made their bodies soar.

Katara: just happened?
Toph: Ow...I can definitely feel that one.  It's like I fell down from something.
Sokka: This is the monster's doing!  Oww!

Aang is back on his feet and he stares up at Arceus.

Arceus: I will not hesitate to kill you, child!  I will not waste my time with you!
Aang: I won't stop until you leave this place!  You don't know who you're up against!
Arceus: I should say the same to you, boy.  I am beyond you and this world!

Aang returns to battle.  He stomps on the floor and summoned a huge rock above him.  He launches it towards the Pokemon like a cannon.  Arceus then uses a Stone Plate to camouflage one with its type.  The rock breaks from contact and Arceus felt no pain.  Without noticing his type change, Aang continues to make more boulders and fires each one repeatedly.  The rocks he launched kept on shattering from contact and yet no damage was delivered.

Then, Toph joins Aang's side and helps him with the rock assault.  She too formed her own stones and launched them at Arceus.  Just like Aang's, her rocks were no use to his legendary ability.  After several shots, Aang starts to realize something unusual.

Aang: Hold on!  How come he's not getting hurt?

Toph stops firing her stones.

Toph: He's not hurt!?  They're boulders for crying out loud!

Arceus then summons his own sharp stones around him.  Stone Edge was unleashed and he forces the stones to fire at Aang and Toph like rapid bullets.  Aang dodges the stones in time, but Toph wasn't lucky.  She gets struck by the stones and getting shrouded by the big dust.  Since Arceus is floating, she cannot sense his attacks and movements with her feet.

Aang: Toph!
Katara: Come on, Sokka!  We got to go help them!
Sokka: Alright!

Sokka and Katara joined the battle.  She brings out water from her bag with waterbending and froze it with freezing powers.  She fires her harpoon-like ice at Arceus.  For the first time, Arceus was hit directly at the side of his face.  The attack was only enough to make him furious.

Katara: That worked!  
Arceus: How dare you strike me with a puny spear?  
Sokka: Oh yeah!  Want another one?

Sokka throws a regular military spear at Arceus.  The spear hits, but no damage was made.  It bounces off his chest.

Sokka: Uh...?  That didn't work.
Arceus: Ungrateful humans of the outside universe, perish!
Aang: Outside universe!?

The Pokemon released a massive Thunder attack from his body.  The lightning bolt blasts the ground and the entire team was thrown away by the explosion.  The strike from the lightning caused the city to shake.  Aang and his team are beneath a building and they all got back up, including Toph.

Sokka: It uses lightning too!?  
Katara: It would be nice to have Zuko helping us, but too bad he's at his palace.
Toph: It would be nice too if this beast stays on the ground!  I can't sense him!
Aang: .........

Aang realizes a possible theory.  His friends are looking at him with confusion.

Aang: Guys, from what he said.... I believe he's from another universe.
Katara: Another universe?
Sokka: That can't be right.  How can you be sure that this raging horse is from another universe?  Who knows he may be from the Spirit World.
Katara: Look here he goes again!

They all looked at Arceus and they see him charging up another Judgement.  He raised his head high and unleashed a ball of light to the heavens.  The ball bursts again and rainfall of light explodes in every direction of the city.  More buildings were destroyed, people are getting hurt, and the city is about to be in ruins.

Several meteors are coming towards the team, Aang quickly shifts to his firebending and shoots out his own fireballs against the incoming meteors.  Katara helps him out by throwing water to the air.  The elements explode on contact, but Arceus' meteors penetrated through the smoke.  His Judgement attack is unstoppable.  Several straight lines of light rained down on the team and they all got caught in the explosion.  The building next to them got demolished and the rubble fell down on them.

Iroh didn't like the view of the Pokemon's destruction and the children's struggle.  He attempts to go assist them by assaulting Arceus.  He shoots large flames at the Pokemon and Arceus is engulfed by the fire.

Iroh: Lets see how you like this!  This is for the Avatar and the Earth city!

He starts to move his arms and fingertips around and electricity is beginning to surge.  Arceus is still covered in flames and stayed in one place.  He aims his fingers at Arceus and fired a long range of lightning bolts.  The lightning strikes the Pokemon and the explosion of electricity was made.  

From the rubble, Aang and his group got up and saw a huge smoke covering the air like a thunder cloud.  Static electricity zaps in different directions from the cloud.

Sokka: What happened?
Katara: Look!

She points at Iroh.  He waits to see the result while his fingers still points at the target.  The smoke fades and it is revealed that Arceus is still floating.  Despite the static around his body, Arceus is still in perfect shape.  Iroh is shocked.

Iroh: Incredible!
Arceus: I won't be impressed by your elements!  I've taken damage from stronger attacks than this!  And this world is not strong enough to even produce such power!

Arceus' ring changed back to its original color.  He then unleashes a terrifying move known as Spacial Rend.  With the powers of space, he fires a large slash of purple light.  The beam collides with Iroh and he and the building he was standing on were blown away by the huge explosion it produced.  The beam continues to slash through more buildings and then all away to the palace.  The Earth King's palace is sliced in half and exploded along with Spacial Rend.

Aang and his friends are astonished by the unknown power Arceus used, especially when it hits Iroh.  Aang becomes furious towards Arceus.

Aang: That's it!  
Arceus: .......?

With his anger, his symbol starts to glow and his eyes turned bright white.  His power has elevated and Arceus can sense it.  Aang has activated his Avatar State.

Arceus: This power...could this be the one?

Aang kept himself silent.  He instead goes after him with a barrier of wind he created from his transformation.  He tackles Arceus with his circular barrier and tries to push him.  Arceus pushes back in a struggle.  Aang's strength has become greater, but Arceus' rage surpasses the Avatar's power.  He pushes Aang away with one force of his body.

Sokka: Aw man!  Don't tell me that he's still stronger than Avatar State!
Toph: Come on, Twinkle Toes!  Punish that freak!
Katara: Aang....

Aang unleashes a powerful blast of wind from his mouth.  The wind has enough force to push Arceus slightly.  Through the wind, Arceus performs the next move.  He summons a shadowy portal and enters it.  The portal vanishes after.  Aang stops exhaling after he sees his target disappear.

Katara: Is he?  Is he gone?
Sokka: That hole though.  Does that lead back to the Spirit World?

Aang looks everywhere for the Pokemon but no sign of him anywhere.  Suddenly, Arceus bursts out from nothingness and tackles Aang with a severe blow.  The move had a meteor effect and it spiked him down to he ground.

Arceus: Am I being mistaken?  Am I fighting against an average being?

Aang launches back up with fury.  All at once he formed all elements around his barrier.  As Aang prepares for a multiple assault, Arceus performs the move Double Team.  Now there are several copies of Arceus against Aang.  He and his friends are being overwhelmed by its unique tactic.

Aang: .....!
Katara: (gasp)
Sokka: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, there's like 20 of them!  This isn't fair!

Aang fires all elements against the decoys.  Earth, fire, water, and air hit most of them, but only a few were destroyed.  The Arceus counter attack with a simultaneous blast.  They all charged up for Hyper Beam as Aang just stares at them with no other strategy.

They all fired and all of their Hyper Beams blasts Aang in one giant explosion.  From the blast, Aang falls down and crashes onto piles of rubble.  His Avatar State wears out and he is completely unconscious.  His friends quickly ran up to him.

Music Stops

Battle Ended

Katara: Aang!  Aang!

She checks on him and she sees several cuts and bruises all over his body.  She is relieved to hear his soft breath.

Katara: He's going to be alright.  I'll heal him.
Sokka: Uh?  I think it's too late for that, sis.

He points up and everyone sees Arceus charging his final attack.  A swirling blue vortex is formed near his face.

Arceus: You all have wasted my TIME!  You will all die for opposing me!

The move he's charging is known to be Roar of Time.  Aang and the gang had no time to escape the radius of the blast.

Toph: What do we do!?
Katara: Sokka!  Do something!
Sokka: Like what?  Throw my boomerang at him?  It'll just make him more angry!

Arceus is fully charged and he is ready to fire.  The gang braces for the attack as they shield Aang and themselves.


A powerful laser has been fired from his face.  They all shielded their eyes from the devastating blast, but then suddenly.... The White Figure appears in front of them.

White Figure: No you won't.

With her powers, she and Team Avatar disappeared from the scene and successfully escaped from the laser.  The huge laser misses and a great crater was formed.  Arceus didn't see from the blast, but he believes that his Roar of Time did its job.  He stares down at the crater.

Arceus: He was not the one.  My time has been wasted.  

He starts to move out.  He gallops upward into the heavens and he prepares himself for another dimensional travel.

Arceus: But that power..... that destroyer is somewhere.  He will be brought to justice.

A dimensional wormhole is formed before him and he enters it.  The God of Pokemon has left the world of the four nations and onto the next Earth of the next universe.


At the Fire Nation Palace, out at the courtyard, Zuko has been thrown down and crashed into a pillar.  He is completely unconscious.  His opponent is none other than Perfect Cell of the Z Universe.  He looks at Zuko with a grin.  Next he turns to Azula, Zuko's sister.  She is also damaged from the fight.

Azula: You...What in the world are you?
Cell: Hmhm.

Azula falls on her knees in pain as Cell approaches to her.

Cell: You're quite stronger than this Fire Lord.  Therefore, I will save you from the planet's demise.
Azula: Demise?  Gh...What are you planning to do with me?
Cell: Two things: One, we need you and the other three to be a part of a resurrection process.  And two, Medusa demands a set of multiverse souls as an exchange for the revival of the Dark Master.  
Azula: WHAT!?

Cell chops her shoulder and Azula collapses and faints.  He then picks her up and puts her over his shoulder.  

Then right next to Zuko, a ball of light is glowing bright, lighting up the entire courtyard.  Cell notices the light and he groans in anger.

Cell: Damn it, it seems she survived.  Hmph.

Cell focuses his mind with his finger tips on his forehead.  He vanishes with his Instant Transmission technique and left before the White Figure appears.

From the light, the White Figure appears along with Team Avatar.  Katara, Toph, and Sokka are incredibly puzzled until they saw Zuko lying beneath the pillar.

Katara: Zuko!
Sokka: Not him too!  

They both check on him and they see damage marks everywhere on his body.

Toph: Uh?  How come we're here in the Fire Nation?  We have a menacing beast to take care of.
White Figure: You three and the Avatar are no match against a deity from another universe.  

They became shocked.

Everyone: DEITY!? 
Sokka: That thing's a god!?
White Figure: Yes.  

The White Figure faces her hand to the team.  She uses her magic to send them back to the Origin Planet with the rest of the United World Team.  They're covered in a white veil.

Katara: Hey!  What's going on?
White Figure: I'm sending you all to your multiverse team.  I believe you remember the United World?
Katara: We do!

The light swallows them whole and they vanished from the figure's sight.  She looks up at the Fire Nation palace and thinks about Arceus.

White Figure: .......Arceus is seeking for revenge, just like Beerus.  (sighs) 

She looks up and sees dark purple clouds rolling by.  She senses the approach of Yvaatu.

White Figure: I was too late to rescue the Yellow One, but at least Po and the element fighters are secured.  Every member of the team must be saved at all cost.

She begins to fade away into a portal of light she produced.  She speaks telepathically.

White Figure: *telepathy*  (Lord Beerus, tell me where you are, now.)

She disappears with the portal.  The sky is finally dark and the clouds are producing thunder as the great destroyer of all destroyers approach the nation with its horrific appearance.  On top of the palace's roof, Dark Sonic stands as he is ready to gather more energy from Yvaatu's massive Dark Aura.

Dark Sonic: Don't mind me, great destroyer of the multiverse.  Just...give me.... more....

To Be Continued.....

World War Chaos 3- Chapter 13
The 13th chapter of my crossover.  Arceus of the Pokemon Universe seeks for the source of his Earth's destruction but then Team Avatar intervenes to stop his rampage.

Ch. 12:
Ch. 14:


Arceus (c) Pokemon, Game Freak

Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Azula, Iroh, anonymous soldiers and commander (c) Avatar Last Airbender, Nickelodeon

Cell (c) Dragon Ball z, Funimation

Dark Sonic (c) Sonic Series, SEGA


Medusa (c) Kid Icarus, Nintendo

Beerus (c) Dragon Ball z, Funimation

Po (c) Kung Fu Panda, Dreamworks


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