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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 19

Battle of the Elites
The New Halberd sits on the shores of Beach City.  It attracts many citizens and they all watch from the pier wondering who's visiting their home town.  At the beach the members of the United World walked down from the drawbridge and smelled fresh air.  The Gems are happy to see their own team again, but the members are overjoyed to see Shadow with the Crystal Gems.  Sonic and the Pokemon gang went up to him.
Sonic: Hey, Shadow!  There you are!  I thought I've lost you!
Dawn: Shadow, you're okay!
Piplup: Piplup!
Shadow: And I see you guys survived too.  I also see you have a new member with you.
He noticed Serena right by Ash's side.  She comes up to him to introduce herself.
Serena: My name is Serena.  It is nice to meet you.
Shadow: Shadow the Hedgehog.
He is surrounded by his friends.  Cynthia goes
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 18

A Fulfilled Promise
Back in Beach City the Gems are having a fun time with Lapis' new friend, Mew, in which she nicknamed it Bubble Cat.  Mew reveals one of its abilities to the Gems.  Mew uses Transform to turn into an Aurorus.  The instant transformation and growth surprises them as Steven and Connie climbed up on its back.
Connie: WOW!  It turned into some kind of dinosaur!
Steven: A Crystalsaur!
Amethyst: I can do that too.
Peridot tries to get on but she is too small to reach.  She jumps repeatedly trying to reach their hand.
Peridot: Hey!  I wanna ride too!
Lapis catches her off guard and carries her to Steven.  She leaves her with him and then she hovers next to Aurorus (Mew) face.
Lapis: Bubble Cat, I didn't know you can transform.  Can you turn into something else?
Aurorus (Mew) nods with a pleasant smile and turns its entire body
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 17

Inside the Halberd
As the new Halberd ascends to the air, Dende, Escargoon, and Skips waved goodbye at the heroes they see from the huge glass window.  The heroes waved back.
Dende: Be careful, everyone!  Good luck!
Escargoon: Please avenge King Dedede!
Skips: I'll make sure to watch over this place!
They continue to wave while Meta Knight and his crew begin to initiate universal travel.  Inside the engine room, Steve's Multiverse Cube sits as the core of the entire ship.  As the main energy source the Halberd has the ability to travel to different universes.  The cube starts to radiate some light as the initiation begins.
Sword Knight: We're ready, Meta Knight!
Blade Knight: Souri, the cube is activated!
Meta Knight: Alright.  Prepare for the high speed travel through the wormhole!
Meta Knight stands in front of the main control systems and
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 16

Reuniting the Team
Somewhere in a random universe, the God of Destruction, Beerus and his attendant, Whis are zooming through light speed.  Beerus holds on to Whis' shoulder as they travel fast.
Beerus: Are we almost there?
Whis: Yes, lord Beerus.  But are you sure you want to go through with this?
Beerus: Are you doubting me?  This is the first you've done it!
Whis: Well you are going against the almighty destroyer.  You do realize his potential, correct?  Remember back in the Primal Earth?
Beerus was aware of the past, but despite the tragedy he is determined to go on ahead.
Beerus: All I want now is vengeance and claim my dominance.  My past, my brother, my allies, my planet Earth, my realm, and my delicious pack of pudding... I will show no mercy to the wyvern.  He will pay for everything and I'll show him who's the true destroyer in the in
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 15

The Z Universe Heroes
Back in the Primal Earth of the first universe, the rest of the heroes are waiting for Sonic and Steve to return.  Inside the base Cynthia places the six Chaos Emeralds in her room.  She then wonders about the missing seven when she group them on her bed.
Cynthia: One...two...three...four...five...six...?  There suppose to be seven.  Where is the 7th?
She then realizes about another ally.
Cynthia: Unless Shadow has it with him.  If that's true, then that means he's-
Tiff suddenly appears at her door in a rush.
Tiff: Cynthia!  They're here!
Cynthia: They are!?
Tiff: Come on!
They both rushed from the room and out to the plaza.  Next to the Katara fountain, the others are awed to see not only Sonic, Steve, and Mordecai and his friends, but new visitors Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Dende.  Cynthia and Tiff made it and Cynt
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Cynthia Short Comic#2 by ToonEmpire24 Cynthia Short Comic#2 :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 18 19 Dark Pearl and Her Final Phase by ToonEmpire24 Dark Pearl and Her Final Phase :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 17 7
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 14

The Savage Kung Fu Warrior
Back at the United World Headquarters, everyone shared their despair and tragic moments from their own worlds including Tiff's, but her side of the story brought Sonic to attention.
Sonic: NO WAY!  
Tiff: I couldn't believe it either.  Somehow that giant wyvern monster managed to vaporize our entire home planet.  It was too powerful for us all to face, even Kirby was no match.
Kirby makes a sad tone.
Kirby: Puyo.....
Tiff also became sad when she remembers her brother.
Tiff: And that monster....(sniffles) ....that monster took my brother away.
Sonic: Grrr...
Dawn: Tuff?  Oh no....
Serena: We're very sorry.
Tiff: (sniffles)
Kirby comforts the weeping Tiff even though he is sad as well.  Sonic is getting angry of Yvaatu.
Brock: The wyvern monster?  That doesn't sound like the one who destroye
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 13

Arceus' Rage
Somewhere in the Element Universe, in a world of the four nations,  and outside of Ba Sing Se, the large flat land is quiet and nothing is in sight.  Only the giant wall from the horizon that protects the great city and the desert wind.  Suddenly, a wormhole is opened and out of the rip came the Alpha Pokemon, Arceus.  It gallops across the sky and makes a u-turn back to the ground.  Despite the wondrous sight of the new world, Arceus is built up with great anger.  
Ever since his beloved world was destroyed by an intruder from another universe, his rage went over his limits and is determined to search for its destroyer, even if it means to cause rampage if anyone gets in his way.  His eyes are locked on the walls of Ba Sing Se.
Arceus: I shall bring upon judgement to this world if the one I seek lives here!  This is war!  RAAAAAARGH!!
The ragi
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The Three Gods by ToonEmpire24 The Three Gods :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 31 25
World War Chaos 3- Chapter 12

The Last Pokemon Trainers
Back in the world of the 1st universe, Ash and his friends are watching a slideshow of the Primal Earth's beautiful sceneries on the big flat screen.  They are still down from the tragedy and pretty sad to even say a single word.  Pikachu and Piplup are sitting front of the window just staring at the mountains thinking about their home planet.  Cynthia is still inside in her own room feeling so much sorrow.  Her room is dark and her door is shut.  
The group has been quiet for a long time, until Serena makes a sigh.
Serena: (sighs) 
Ash: I'm very sorry, Serena.  It wasn't suppose to happen this way.
Serena: I know.... but what am I suppose to do now?
Ash: What do you mean?
Serena glances at the window where Pikachu and Piplup are staring from.
Serena: This group you and your other friends are in, I'm not familiar with
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 11

Hell On Dreamland
In the planet Popstar of the Star Universe, Dreamland is becoming in ruins by a powerful, wicked monster.  The green meadows has been dried out into barren wastelands, flames of dark purple and black burned up most of the forests, and thunder clashes from the dark purple clouds that are covering most of Cappy Town.  The citizens of the town are frightened by the colossal appearance of the sinister creature floating within the dark clouds.  The creature is a giant, Y-shaped wyvern with mysterious glowing markings on its body.  It has strings hanging from its wings and tail and the evil eye symbol on the center of its chest.  It screeches with might as the star warrior, Kirby approaches to it with the Warp Star.  With his winter hat, Kirby is equipped with the ability to throw bombs.  He is now Bomb Kirby.
Kirby: Puy!  Puya!
Wyvern: (screeches)
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 10

Two Worlds Down
In the Primal World of the first universe, Steve is almost done constructing the plaza for the United World headquarters.  His last piece was a decorative fountain covered in diamonds and stone blocks.  In the center of the fountain he built a statue of Katara, a member of the team who is a master of waterbending.  The water falls from the statue's fingertips and the small sprinklers are coming from underneath filling the fountain with enough water.  Steve is placing the final pieces for the fountain.
Steve: I am so excited.  I am almost done with the decor and sculpting for our plaza.  I can't wait to see their faces when they see my creativity.  
While he was building, a bright light appears behind him.  Steve turns around and he was blinded by the intense brightness.  A few seconds later the light disappears and out from the light are five Pok
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World War Chaos 3- Chapter 9

The Beginning of Sorrow and Destruction
Ash and Cynthia rushed through the grove to chase down the explosion that shook the environment.  While they are running, a raging battle continues in the fields.  The two champions' Pokemon are being pulverized by the invader, Cell.  Diantha's Gardevoir dashes towards the enemy and fires a Shadow Ball directly at him.  Cell smacks the ball away with his hand like if it was a simple fly.  Then, Steven's shiny Metagross follows the next attempt with a Meteor Mash.  Cell stops and holds the attack with his elbow, despite the weight of the Pokemon.  He then back kicks Metagross away and throws it to Gardevoir, damaging it in the front side.  The two Pokemon tumbled near their trainers' feet.
Diantha: Gardevoir!
Steven: Impossible!  He's too powerful!
Cell: Come on!  I thought you two were champions!  S
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My  Treasures by ToonEmpire24 My Treasures :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 4 11 Pearl by ToonEmpire24 Pearl :icontoonempire24:ToonEmpire24 38 8


Xenoverse: Destruction Returns Pt. 1
The Gem Goddess Meeting Pt.1:
With the new partnership of Squama and Guangxu, things take a turn for the worse.  An audio can be heard from around the city.
Supreme Kai of Time: Will Squama and Guangxu please report to the time vault?
Squama looks a bit worried..did he do something wrong?  Was there a change in history he missed?  Did his partner do something wrong?  One thing's for sure, it can't be good.  The duo then proceeded to the time vault, they see the Supreme Kai of Time waiting for them.  She looks young with pinkish-red hair, but don't be fooled by appearance.  Kais are much older than they look.
Squama and Guangxu stand in line.
Squama: You called for us Supreme Kai of Time?
Guangxu: How may we be of service milady?
The Kai then holds up a scroll to them.
Supreme Kai of Time: It's good to see that the rookies are here.  Have a look at this.
She hands them the scroll to realize something was wrong...
In the image of the scroll, there
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CyberLaserLugiaVsToonEmpire24 by CyberLaserLugia CyberLaserLugiaVsToonEmpire24 :iconcyberlaserlugia:CyberLaserLugia 3 1 A Gem God's Kiss by WolfyTheKitsune A Gem God's Kiss :iconwolfythekitsune:WolfyTheKitsune 10 5
Stardust's Nightmare Ch.1

It had all come to this... But how did this started? Well, this will be told soon.(As in right now)
5 years earlier...
At a high school, There was a dragon, but not any kind of monster, but it goes by the name Stardust. Stardust Dragon was with his friends, a quest to find the meaning of a yandere. But there's a new student who have been known that owns a galaxy, and her name was Rosalina. Rosalina was you can call her a cute princess, but she sit next to Dark Armed Dragon, the failed tsundere dragon for some no reason. He can't stand of cuteness since Stardust said that he's been watching cute anime at night while no one was awake... Now, Stardust is now at risk to return home with his friends that are now at risk of dying into Rosalina's hands. But that's not all, he's getting nightmares of when Rosalina comes back and decides to marry him and will be departed from his friends, or losing every single monster Stardust knows before time's running ou
:iconcyberlaserlugia:CyberLaserLugia 3 1
The New Frontier Chapter 2
Reuniting the Team!
In the light speed transit of a circular red pod in the depths of space, Steven and Greg celebrated their victory of successfully escaping the clutches of Blue Diamond and the horrors of the human zoo with the other Gems.
Greg: I can't believe you guys traveled 70 light years across the whole universe just to rescue me!
Steven: We had too! You're my dad, and you're the only family I have left…
Steven hugged his dad tightly with tears of joy in his eyes.
Steven: It was my fault you were even captured in the first place…
Greg: Steven, there's nothing to be ashamed of exploring answers you can't understand. We're all curious on anything we don't know about.
Suddenly, the communicator on the ship's counsel began to emit static as a transmission began to beam through.
Twilight *intercomm* This is Princess Twilight Sparkle calling for an emergency meeting! Any members who can hear my plea, please respond!
Steven and others rushed over in shock
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Xenoverse Destruction Returns Title Names
This is mainly for:
And a few others who are interested, i might return doing these stories.  I already did the prologue, and I might extend the titles into parts, so here goes:
The Gem Goddess Meeting:
The Rampage:
The Sun Arrives:
The Corruption of The Goddess:
The Aid of Truth:
The Eclipse Rises Again:
Conton's Destruction:
The New Power:
Retake Conton:
The Final Battle:
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The New Frontier Chapter 1
Universal Chronicles Short
"The New Frontier"

*NOTE: The following crossover fanfiction story takes place after the events of my third, second, and first crossover stories "The End of The Universe" and "The Return of Doodlebob", and "The Galactic War" which can be viewed here:…,…,

The Absence

Years had passed since the Galactic War had ended, and the Earth and the team members were at a long state of peace. In the sunny shores of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Patrick had restored back to their previous ways of life, almost forgetting about their friends outside the surface.
At the warm afternoon grounds of the Park, Mordecai and Rigby sat in the roof of the house with used soda cans nearby, staring off into the orange fading sunset as it descended down the city’s skyline, reflecting back on old memories.
That seemed to be the case for most members of this team, as most were cont
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New Universial Chronicle Short coming!
Yes, that title is correct. A brand new 4 chapter short story spinoff of the post Galactic War is coming! :excited:
It's going to be titled "The Next Frontier"! The plot so far is SpongeBob begins to slowly dive into secrets of his team members past after a long absence since the days of the Galactic War.
However, when Lucario and Riolu mysteriously disappear, it's up to SpongeBob to reunite the team and search for his missing allies, while discovering new twist and turns along the way as their universe is on the brink of colliding with another!
Expect the first chapter soon. I can't guarantee when it will release, but keep an eye out in your inbox in the next coming weeks. ;)  
:iconmarkhoofman:MarkHoofman 1 1
The Birth of an Outcast Fanfiction Written Trailer
The scene opens to a view of a abandon Kindergarten in a unknown location. The area was dull and lifeless. Holes in the walls of the rocky sides leaves a mark of the creation of a gem. Near these holes laid destroyed injectors, most likely from the cause of Rose Quartz's rebellion. A voice of a gem was soon heard.

???: Outcast.....:A creature who has been rejected by their own society....someone who was rejected or cast out...that word, Outcast, describes who I am...
The voice then became silent as the scene of the abandon kindergarten darkens to a pitch black. Seconds later, a new scene is revealed of several gems lined up like soldiers in a Homeworld training center. The gems who were lined up were several types of Quartz, Pearl, and others, all of slightly different appearance. A Red Sapphire was slowly walking past them, looking forward. Although her voice couldn't be heard, her lips could have been seen speaking words of judgement. As she walks past
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man in the coat: last chapters Written Trailer
The scene fades to a destroyed Beach city with few building left
???: Plan 33 is successful.
Sunstone: *communicator* Good, now let's begin phase rebirth.
Cuts to Ocean Town
Ruby: They took her
Stev jones: They took everyone
Cuts back to the destroyed Beach city
Pearl: This is the worst.
Connie: Are we going to give up?
Cuts to Kindergarten
Moonstone: How did this happen
Steven: There no times, we must save her
Cuts to a Roaming Eye exploding while Moonstone jumps off 
Cuts to Moonstone trying to kill Stev
Moonstone: Why would you help him!
The last Scene shows Pearl in a wasteland that used to be The Great North, behind her is a unkown gem
???: Well, well
The unknown gem charged at pearl
Man in the coat
The last chapters: coming soon
moonstone  *mentioned*(C) :icontoonempire24:
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PokeSon Cover - Cynthia by LucarioShirona PokeSon Cover - Cynthia :iconlucarioshirona:LucarioShirona 44 16 Commission - Armored Cynthia by ClaraKerber Commission - Armored Cynthia :iconclarakerber:ClaraKerber 125 10 Little Steven 'The Last Jedi' by MarkHoofman Little Steven 'The Last Jedi' :iconmarkhoofman:MarkHoofman 32 4 Heroes Free For All by xeternalflamebryx Heroes Free For All :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 437 94 Covelite by WolfyTheKitsune Covelite :iconwolfythekitsune:WolfyTheKitsune 11 4 Chalcedony, Gem Godess of the Night by WolfyTheKitsune Chalcedony, Gem Godess of the Night :iconwolfythekitsune:WolfyTheKitsune 6 6



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World War Chaos 3- The Dark Dynasty- Fanfiction by ToonEmpire24

Battle of the Elites

The New Halberd sits on the shores of Beach City.  It attracts many citizens and they all watch from the pier wondering who's visiting their home town.  At the beach the members of the United World walked down from the drawbridge and smelled fresh air.  The Gems are happy to see their own team again, but the members are overjoyed to see Shadow with the Crystal Gems.  Sonic and the Pokemon gang went up to him.

Sonic: Hey, Shadow!  There you are!  I thought I've lost you!
Dawn: Shadow, you're okay!
Piplup: Piplup!
Shadow: And I see you guys survived too.  I also see you have a new member with you.

He noticed Serena right by Ash's side.  She comes up to him to introduce herself.

Serena: My name is Serena.  It is nice to meet you.
Shadow: Shadow the Hedgehog.

He is surrounded by his friends.  Cynthia goes up to him and gave him a hug and this time Shadow doesn't feel discomfort.  Pearl sees her hugging him and felt jealous about it.

Pearl: Hey, how come you're okay hugging her, but not me?  Hmph!
Cynthia: Hehe, sorry, Pearl.

Cynthia releases him.

Shadow: She's okay.  After all I've known her longer than you, Pearl.  But we're still partners.
Pearl: Well... that's true.  It's great to see you again, Cynthia.
Cynthia: It's great to see you too.

She goes over to Pearl and they both hugged.  With everyone else saying hi to each other, Peridot and Lapis are awed by their presence.  Lapis then has her eyes on Cynthia.  

Lapis: ... That... person.... 

Cynthia's appearance and voice is familiar to her.  She then remembers a friend.

Lapis: ... She... she looks like Moon Mother...sounds like Moon Mother...

She then also remembers the other Gems when she sees Ash and Dawn.  The two trainers reminded her of the ones that are in Planet Megalith.

Lapis: And those two... they look like...
Peridot: Are you okay, Lazuli?  Lets go introduce ourselves.

Lapis loses her focus and listens to Peridot.

Lapis: Oh yeah.  Okay.

Then Steve and Mordecai spot Peridot.  They both came up to her.  Peridot is happy to see them, but Lapis blushes as she looks at them. 

Steve: Hello, Peridot, it's nice to see you again.  
Peridot: Greetings, Steve!  Wow!  I finally get to meet the rest of the team!
Steve: Well, Peridot, this is just half of my team.  There are still others out there waiting for us.
Mordecai: Excuse me, but who is your friend?

Peridot introduces Lapis to them.  Lapis continues to blush.

Peridot: This is Lapis Lazuli.  My former informant, room mate, and my frie-
Steve: WHAAAAT!?

His shout caught everyone's attention.  

Steve: This person...her name is Lapis Lazuli?
Lapis: Uh...that is what I am...
Steve: ..... A living Lapis Lazuli.... will you please live with me as the princess of all Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis is feeling discomfort from his strange behavior.  Everyone around them is feeling embarrassed.  

Steven: Steve, you like her?
Steve: Why wouldn't I?  I've been mining them for blue decorations and enchantments, but as a living being?  I would have infinite supplies of them!

Lapis then feels offended by it and punches him in the face.  Steve falls down.  Mordecai, Rigby, Toph, and Amethyst are laughing at him.

Vegeta: What an idiot...
Lapis: I am tired of being used!  
Steve: But I-

Mew then appears above her and defends her.

Mew: Meew!  Mew!
Steve: What the?

The Pokemon gang, especially Ash and Brock gasped in surprise as they saw Mew floating on top of Lapis.

Ash: Hey!  It's a Mew!
Brock: It can't be!

Mew sees Ash and his friends.  Mew becomes happy and went up to them spinning around Ash.  Lapis is confused.

Lapis: Uh, Bubble Cat?
Dawn: Wow!  It's really Mew!
Cynthia: How wonderful.
Mew: Meew!  Meew!

Mew is really happy to see Ash as if it knew him from somewhere.

Ash: Hahah.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Mew: Mew!
Lapis: Uh excuse me, you guys know Bubble Cat?
Ash: Bubble Cat?  

The Gems and the other members are watching their conversation.

Lapis: Yes.  I met Bubble Cat at the barn, but how do you know her?

Ash and his friends are amazed that Lapis encountered a Mew at her place.  

Ash: Hold on, you met Mew?  
Steven: Mew?  
Brock: The Pokemon you named Bubble Cat is a Mew.  The rarest Pokemon to ever exist.

The Gems, Steven, and Connie are astonished by the surprise.

Garnet: That creature was a Pokemon!?
Amethyst: But I thought Pokemon exist in your universe?  Why is it here?
Lapis: That can't be true.  You're just lying so you can take my Bubble Cat away from me.

Lapis goes up to Ash and swiped Mew from him.  Mew is looking curious.  She glares at him.

Lapis: You don't have proof...
Ash: Actually I do.

Ash presents Lapis his Pokedex.  He goes through his old data and found Mew's entry.  He then shows an image of Mew as the Pokedex begins to read through its data.

Pokedex: Mew, the New Species Pokemon.  It is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon. It is capable of making itself invisible at will, so it entirely avoids notice even if it approaches people.  Its DNA is said to contain the genetic codes of all Pokémon, so it can use all kinds of techniques.

Lapis is shocked, but Mew flips around with joy as it heard its name from his technology.  Lapis then blushes and looks the other way.  She holds Mew and offers him the Pokemon back.

Lapis: Here... I didn't know Bubble Cat was yours.
Ash: It's okay.  Mew- I mean Bubble Cat is your Pokemon.  I'm not here to take it away.
Lapis: Wait you're not?
Ash: Of course not.  Well I'm curious to know how Mew even came to this world, but I'm also excited to see someone else in a different universe raise a Pokemon.  Hehehe, you might be the new Pokemon Trainer of this world.
Pikachu: Pika!

Mew is free from her hands and it circles around her with joy.  Lapis is glad, too glad that she is becoming fascinated with Ash.  She starts to blush with a soft smile.

Lapis: Thank you...uh..
Ash: I'm Ash.  And this is my buddy Pikachu.  He's my Pokemon.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Lapis: Ash... Pikachu....

Lapis continues to blush.  Her blushing is making Serena feel a bit suspicious.

Zuko: Is there something wrong, Serena?
Serena: What?  No, I'm fine.  I'm just awed by the mythical Pokemon that's all.  Heheh.
Zuko: ....

As the two continue to interact with Mew, Steven notices three new members on their side.  

Steven: Who are those guys?
Garnet: Are they new to the team?
Steve: Well sort of like beginners.

Vegeta mumbles to himself.

Vegeta: Beginners... hmph.

Goku goes up to them and introduced himself and his group.

Goku: Hello, my name's Goku.  And these are my team mates, Piccolo and Vegeta.  I hear you're also members of the United World.  It's nice to meet you.
Garnet: It's nice to see you three.  I am Garnet.
Pearl: My name is Pearl.
Amethyst: Amethyst.
Peridot: I'm Peridot.
Steven: I'm Steven and we are the Crystal Gems!

Goku is impressed by the team.  Then Connie and Greg introduces themselves.

Connie: My name is Connie, sir.  I help them too.
Greg: Greg Universe.  Steven's father.  It's nice to meet your acquaintance.
Goku: Hiya.
Piccolo: Alright.  We have something to tell you Gems.
Shadow: It's about Yvaatu and the Perfect Universe?  I already told them about it.

Piccolo and the rest of the United World are surprised to hear that he was already aware.  

Dawn: Wait, how do you know already?  
Shadow: I was at the Primal World studying on the murals until the Omniguardian showed up telling me everything that just happened.  I am aware that my planet was destroyed by the beast they call Yvaatu.
Ash: Well our world was destroyed by Perfect Cell.

The Gems are confused.

Pearl: Who's Perfect Cell?
Goku: He's an enemy from my universe.  I fought him before but it was my son who finished him for me.  Somehow he has came back to life and I believe he is also part of the Perfect Universe.

Pearl is concerned, but then Shadow shows confidence.

Shadow: Don't you worry.  If I see this Perfect Cell I will crush him in a minute.
Piccolo: You?
Goku: Wow!  You're that strong?
Vegeta: Ha!  What makes you think you can defeat someone like Cell?  Kakarot and I couldn't even defeat him when we challenged him in the Cell Games.
Rigby: Dude why do you keep calling him Kakarot?  

Pearl stands up for him.  When she spoke Shadow starts to sweat.

Pearl: Well if you must know, Shadow is the strongest warrior in the United World.  Where he's from he is known to be the world's ultimate life form.
Shadow: ....

Goku is surprised, but Vegeta doesn't believe her.  He finds it as a joke.

Goku: Really?  The strongest in the team?  Wow!  I can't wait to spar with him!
Vegeta: Him?  The ultimate life form?  Hahaha!  This is a joke!  Everyone knows that a Saiyan is the most dominant warrior in all of the universe.  And if you must know, I am the prince.  

Mordecai then interrupts him.

Mordecai: Uh, dude, no one knows what you're talking about.
Amethyst: Saiyan?  Oh that's the name Beerus keeps on mentioning.  What is a Saiyan?
Vegeta: They are a glorious race with a violent, fighting spirit.  Our combat skills can outmatch any other opponent, including all of you.
Po: That's so cool!

Shadow is not impressed, instead he wants like to beat him up, but his concern takes priority.

Shadow: I'll deal with him later.  
Vegeta: Later?  How about we start right now?  Prove that you are the ultimate life form.
Piccolo: Not at this time, Vegeta.  Remember we are here to gather the Gems before Yvaatu arrives.
Shadow: And you're right.

Pearl and her companions are terrified.

Pearl: Yvaatu is coming here!?
Steven: Oh no!
Steve: We don't know when for sure, but eventually it will come.  We also have to go after other members before we lose them.

The Gems are mumbling to each other about the coming doom.  Then, Cynthia comes up to Shadow with an unexpected confidence.

Cynthia: Hmhmhm.  You know, Vegeta is right.
Shadow: What!?
Vegeta: Hmm.
Cynthia: He's right.  You should prove yourself as the strongest, but... you must prove it to me.

She waves her hair in a boastful attitude.  Shadow is becoming annoyed.

Cynthia: Shadow, I'm calling you out.  I challenge you to a rematch, but this time I will win... and I will be the new strongest member in the team!

Her team is shocked. 

Ash: Cynthia?
Shadow: More talk like that, your Garchomp won't be the only one who will be getting the hurt.  What's with your cocky attitude?
Piccolo: Didn't you hear what I said?  We are here to pick up the Gems!  This is no time to spar!  The longer we wait, likely the chance that Yvaatu will arrive before we can evacuate!

Cynthia is aware of the concern, but she is confident.  She keeps herself calm.

Cynthia: I know what I'm doing is stupid, but I've been waiting for this for a long time.  Shadow and I are close friends.  Ever since I first met him, I couldn't even defeat him in a match.  We've been through many dangers and we learned so much about each other.  This... this could be my last chance to ever face him again, who knows.

Few of her friends understand her reason, but Piccolo is not agreeing with her.

Cynthia: With these experiences, I want to see how much stronger my Pokemon and I have become.  Shadow, would you wish to see my improvement and surrender your title to me?

Shadow is no longer annoyed, instead he accepts her reason.  He is eager for the rematch.

Shadow: Very well, I want to see if you can best me, Cynthia, but know this...I have been improving as well.  With my dear Maria on my side, you and your Garchomp will regret for challenging me again.  I accept your challenge, fool.

Cynthia smirks as Piccolo face palms in disappointment.  The rest of the team is excited to see the battle, especially Goku.  He is pumped.

Goku: Awesome!  A battle between powerful warriors!
Vegeta: This is ridiculous.  They don't realize that we are the mightiest.  That Cynthia woman didn't learn her lesson when you crushed her pet in the training room.
Goku: Oh come on, Vegeta.  Do you want see how this turns out?  Besides we haven't seen Shadow fight and maybe he is the strongest like they say.
Vegeta: I can't believe this.

Sonic goes up to Piccolo.

Sonic: Cheer up, Piccolo.  
Piccolo: Cheer up?  We have a dangerous beast destroying planets and we are wasting our time here!  If that thing arrives before the battle is over, that girl will be held responsible!
Sonic: That's possible, but I doubt it would come here today.  Besides, the Omniguardian could do the rescuing for us.  I believe she is saving more of our members right now.
Piccolo: I hope you're right.

Before they prepare for the battle, Lars and Sadie finally catches up to them.

Lars: Hey, guys, remember me?  Ha...phew...what did we miss?
Connie: Shadow and Cynthia are about to have a battle competition!
Sadie: A competition?
Lars: Awesome!


30 minutes later everyone has relocated to the barn where Lapis and Peridot reside.  They found a large, wide area where no crops will be harmed nor their home.  Just several trees and boulders and a soft field of grass.  Everyone is watching from under a large tree where shade is provided.  Shadow and Cynthia are at the fields preparing for the match.

Goku: This is exciting to see the two going all out.  I wish I was the one fighting Shadow though.
Pearl: I too wish to face Shadow or Cynthia, but... (sighs) They were friends longer than I was with him.
Kirby: Puya!  Puy!

Shadow and Cynthia are staring across at each other.  Cynthia holds her PokeBall in her hand while Shadow waits with his arms crossed.

----Shadow vs. Cynthia----

Music: [/]

Shadow: Lets get this over with.  Send out Garchomp.
Cynthia: Here we go.  Garchomp, Battle Dance!

She tosses her Pokeball and summoned Garchomp into the field.  Her Pokemon growls at its opponent, but Shadow is not intimidated at all.  Shadow then notices a strange ring-shaped bracelet of silver on Garchomp's arm.  It contains a mysterious key stone.  He wonders what it is.

Shadow: ....
Cynthia: Lets get this underway!  Garchomp, use Dragon Rush!

Garchomp surrounds itself with huge aura resembling a dragon.  It charges itself at Shadow.  Shadow stood where he is.

Steven: Shadow, look out!
Peridot: How is he suppose to dodge that monstrosity?

By a quick second before the move strikes, Shadow vanished and avoided the attack.  Garchomp strikes down and shook the fields.  Its aura fades as the dusts disappear from the air.  As the dust vanished, Shadow reappears from above and fires one Chaos Spear.

Shadow: Chaos Spear!
Cynthia: Send it back!

Garchomp was swift and it used its blade to reflect the Chaos Spear back at him.  Shadow air dodges his own attack.  He is shocked.

Shadow: No way...
Cynthia: Quickly use Brick Break!

Garchomp blasts off to the air with tremendous speed and appeared above Shadow.  It swings its two glowing blades, but Shadow intercepts the attack by doing a spin dash.  His spin dash grinds against Garchomp's blades like speeding tire.  Seconds later the attacks were pushed away by a shockwave.

Shadow then counter attacks by using speed boost as his aura shrouds him with red energy.  He was too quick and he successfully lands a blow on Garchomp.  The move throws Garchomp back to the ground, but Garchomp lands safely on its feet.

Cynthia: He's gotten much faster and stronger.  He wasn't joking at all.

Shadow lands back on the ground.

Shadow: I don't see any difference since the last time we fought.  I suggest you stop before I actually destroy your pet.
Cynthia: I will never surrender, Shadow.  We were just warming up.  Unless, maybe you are intimidated by our strength?
Shadow: I don't know what's with your confidence, but I do know that it will be your downfall.  Don't ever underestimate me!

He instantly appears in front of garchomp, catching it off guard.  He then throws an assault of flaming kicks.  His air shoes flared with fire and blazes and sparks blinds Garchomp as he continues to kick it.  He then finishes the combo with a sudden burst of fire that he released from his shoes.  The flames pushed Garchomp with a severe burn mark and Shadow rebounds back to his stand.

Shadow: This is it, Cynthia!  You lost!  

He faces to hands at Garchomp.  Both of his palms are glowing yellow.

Shadow: Behold my new technique, Chaos Spear Barrage!

He unleashes multiple Chaos Spears from his palms and fired them at Garchomp like a military turret.  Garchomp tries to shield itself with its blades.  Every shot being hit causes an explosion and smoke to rise.  The members are fascinated by the raging attack.

Lars: Yeah!  This is so cool!
Sadie: Too cool!  That guy is going to beat her dragon!
Pearl: Like I said, he is the ultimate life form.
Connie: Well I'm rooting for Cynthia.  Remember she was the only one who was able to hurt Beerus.

Vegeta and Goku are surprised.

Vegeta: That can't be!  That woman's pet landed a blow on Beerus!?
Goku: Wow!  Her dragon is really somethin then!
Brock: Not only Garchomp has tremendous strength and speed, but with Cynthia as its trainer, who knows what surprises Garchomp holds.  I believe she will win this time.
Katara: You really think so?  Because Garchomp is getting blown to bits right now.

The shots continue to blast Garchomp and covered it with huge smoke.  Despite the dangerous situation, Cynthia kept herself calm.  Then finally Shadow stops his barrage and waits for the smoke to lift.  Everyone is anxious to see what's in the smoke.

Suddenly, Cynthia smirks.  Garchomp blasts through the smoke, clearing it away, and it is surrounded by a dragon-shaped aura.  It catches Shadow off guard and he gets hit with an explosive impact.  The fields shook again and everyone is being pushed by the wind.  Kirby and Mew were about to be blown away, but Tiff and Lapis managed to grab them before they did.

Tiff: Hold on, Kirby!
Kirby: Puy!
Lapis: These guys are crazy!
Mew: Meew!
Po: I so love this team!

The wind stops pushing.  A crater was made and Shadow is lying down with major damage on his body as if he was dead.  Garchomp flies back to Cynthia and waits for its opponent to rise.

Cynthia: Rise back up, Shadow!  I know you're not done yet!  You've taken stronger attacks than this one!

Shadow rises slowly.  His pain burns as he gets up, but he is not giving up.  He hops out of the small crater and lands on his feet.  He stares at Cynthia.

Shadow: .....
Cynthia: We can call it quits, Shadow.  Just admit that my Garchomp and I have surpassed you.
Shadow: .....

Shadow closes his eyes and focuses on the power of Chaos Control.  He keeps his mind calm.  Then his body releases a green ring illuminating around his body.  The energy from the green light is healing his wounds slowly.  Cynthia and her friends are amazed by his other new skill.

Cynthia: Impressive.
Dawn: Look at that!  He's healing himself!
Sonic: Wow, Shadow.  Where have you been doing these moves?

Shadow stops his healing technique.  The green ring disappears.

Music Stops.

Shadow: .... You're hiding something from me, aren't you?
Cynthia: Hmm?

----Battle Ended----

Shadow: I just have a feeling.  You couldn't have challenged me unless you have a trick up your sleeve.  I noticed in this battle that your Garchomp keeps learning the same moves.  What are you up to?

Shadow stares at Garchomp's accessory on its arm.

Shadow: I bet it has something to do with that bracelet.

Serena whispers to Ash and Dawn.

Serena: Guys, you don't think....?
Ash: Yeah.  She has a Mega Stone.
Dawn: What is that?

Cynthia chuckles at Shadow's curiosity.  

Cynthia: I just like how you're so curious to me.  
Shadow: ...?

Cynthia then brings her own keystone.  Shadow is wondering what she's holding.

Shadow: What are you holding?
Cynthia: Oh Shadow, this here.... lets say its like a Chaos Emerald, but without time and space properties.  Just pure power.

Her keystone reacts with Garchomp's bracelet which contains another keystone, Garchompite.  They're starting to glow with energy.

Music: [/]

Cynthia: Behold!  The next evolution!  Garchomp, Mega Evolve!

Garchomp roars as its body begins to change form.  Everyone is marveled at the effect of the keystone.  Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta can sense huge power emitting from Garchomp.

Piccolo: That power...
Goku: Wow!  Now that's some power!  She's been holding back this whole time!  Now I really want to face her dragon again!
Vegeta: This can't be!  No way that hedgehog is going to be surpassed by a human and her pet!

Garchomp is covered by a shining veil.  Its height increased a bit and its form has changed.  Then the rainbow symbol of Mega Evolution appeared and then vanished as the veil disappears.  Garchomp has mega evolved into Mega Garchomp.  Its claws are now sharp, scythe-like blades and its face became more intimidating.  Shadow is feeling troubled by the power increase.

----Cynthia vs Shadow Round 2----

Shadow: What the hell did you do to it?
Cynthia: Garchomp has Mega Evolved, my friend.  My Pokemon's strength has risen beyond the original.  Allow me to demonstrate it.

Cynthia gives her next command to Mega Garchomp.

Cynthia: Go ahead and use Brick Break!

Mega Garchomp goes after him with its sharp blades glowing with white light.  Shadow tries to stay on his guard, but Mega Garchomp instantly appears from behind.  Its speed became faster than his.  Garchomp swings its blades and slammed Shadow with a ferocious impact.  The fields shook again.  

Sonic: Whoa!  That's gonna leave a mark!
Amethyst: Yeah!  Beat him up, Garchomp!
Greg: How can they survive from all those attacks?  This battle is too dangerous.
Piccolo: They're professionals, Greg.  They know their limits.

Shadow is buried in dirt.  He has bruises and scratches on his body and a little blood can be seen on his arm.  Cynthia sees it as an opportunity to finish the match.

Cynthia: And now lets finish this!  Garchomp, Dragon Rush!

Mega Garchomp flies up in the air and shrouds itself with a mighty blue aura, bigger than Garchomp's former aura.  It takes a shape of a fearsome dragon with sharp teeth and wings.  It comets straight down towards Shadow.  Everyone braces for the impact.  Dragon Rush collides with the field with an explosion covering half of the land.  

The strong wind blows through the crops and the barn is being hit by pebbles, dirt, and crops that were blown away.  The wind is also pushing Lapis and Peridot's decorations around the barn.  Cynthia smiles with delight as she knew she was the victor.  But then... a sudden burst of energy flared from the broken ground.

Cynthia: What?
Tiff: Hey look!

Tiff points at Shadow.  His body became gold and his yellow aura flares around him.  He has caught Mega Garchomp with his own hands, preventing it from colliding his body.  Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Sonic, and especially Pearl and Cynthia are shocked by his emergency transformation of Super Shadow.

Shadow: *struggling* Not this time, you bastard!
Cynthia: But...impossible!  How did he...?!
Goku: He can go super too?!  No way!
Sonic: Without the Chaos Emeralds...!
Pearl: He is truly the strongest!
Vegeta: Grrrrr!  

Vegeta clenches his fists.  His super form and Cynthia's Mega Evolution technique has angered him.  He is eager to fight them.

Shadow pushes Garchomp back to the sky.  He then flies up and glares at his opponent with his raging form.

Shadow: My last new skill!  I have mastered the powers of chaos and awoken the ability to become super without the assistance of the emeralds!  Maria... she's in my heart... she has given me this power!
Cynthia: I am so amazed, Shadow.  My heart is beating with excitement.  This is will be a battle to remember.  Garchomp use Brick Break!

Garchomp flies across the sky and charged at Shadow with a Brick Break assault.  With his super form he intercepts each swing as the blades continue to hit.  The team are awed by the swift combat.

Garnet: I've never seen anyone in the team fighting against Super Shadow.  
Aang: These guys are something!
Toph: Why do they always fight in the sky?  I can't see it if they're not on the ground.
Serena: .....

Serena is speechless.  The intense fight between the ultimate life form and the champion's Pokemon is too incredible for her.  Mew is also happy to see them spar.  Its joy is making Lapis excited for the United World.

Shadow and Garchomp continue to intercept every blow they throw, until one collision pushed both of them away from each other.  Shadow then boosts himself at Garchomp and punched deep in its gut.  The stinging and burning fist petrified Garchomp.

Shadow: You have some nerve to even face my powerful form!  Time for you to regret it!
Cynthia: Now, Garchomp!  Poison Jab!

Garchomp was able to move.  Its blade is glowing purple and it jabbed Shadow in the gut too, but its Poison Jab was more severe than his punch.  Shadow is stunned in deep agony.  He then descends slowly back to the ground while holding his belly in pain.

Pearl: Oh no!  Shadow is hurt!
Brock: Wow Cynthia!  You taught your Pokemon Poison Jab!  You were inspired by me!

Croagunk jabs him from behind and he collapses on the ground.  Croagunk then takes him away while the others around him are looking with embarrassment.  Pearl face palms as she saw his moment.

Pearl: Why does this happen every time when he compliments her?

As Garchomp waits in the sky, Cynthia prepares herself with the finishing attack.  Shadow is still holding his belly, suffering from the intense pain of Poison Jab.

Cynthia: Alright.  Lets finish this.  Garchomp...Dragon Rush.

Mega Garchomp surrounds itself with a massive dragon-like aura again and charges down at Shadow, but then Shadow stops the attack.


Time in the battle field has froze in place.  He then appears right above Garchomp.  He then charges up for a powerful spin dash and energy is being drawn into his spin.  He then fires his spin dash and right into collision, time resumes and Garchomp gets sent down with an explosion.  

Cynthia: What just happened?
Goku: Whoa!  What happened?  I thought her dragon had him.  
Sonic: Shadow used Chaos Control.
Piccolo: Chaos Control?
Sonic: The ability to warp time and space at will.  He probably stopped time and then went after a counter attack.

Super Shadow gets deflected by Mega Garchomp and they both return to block each throw.  They ascended back into the air and continue to throw each attack and then intercept at a fast pace.

Cynthia: I am very amazed.  I wish this fight doesn't end quick.  Not only it is the most intense battle, but the more we continue to battle, the stronger we become.
Shadow: *attacking* I can't believe you're standing up to me!  This makes me mad!  I'll finish this now!

The interceptions continue to shake the field, until.... one energy blast hits them and interfered the battle.  Shadow and Garchomp stopped attacking.

Music Stops

----Battle Ended----

Cynthia: Hey!
Shadow: Who did that?
Mega Garchomp: Grr!

It was revealed that Vegeta was the one who fired an energy shot.  Everyone is surprised and confused by his interference.

Mordecai: Dude what's your problem?
Rigby: Yeah!  It was getting good!  What the hell!
Vegeta: Shut up!

Rigby gets frightened by his shout.

Vegeta: Grrr, let me in this fight!
Everyone: (gasp)
Ash: But Vegeta, they're in a middle of a battle.  You can't just interfere.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Vegeta: I'm getting tired of seeing their power rise when they battle.  That hedgehog thinks he can mock the Saiyans, I won't allow it!  

Vegeta walks forward to the fields leaving the team members confused of his attitude.  Cynthia and Shadow watches him entering the battleground.

Cynthia: Hmm... Vegeta, I wish to face Shadow alone if you don't mind.  Please return to the others.
Vegeta: You are in no position to give me orders, you woman.  You should be the one avoiding these fights like every human.  I will easily destroy you if you anger me again.
Cynthia: ....
Vegeta: Seeing you attempting to surpass a warrior stronger than yourself just makes me sick, but like you I'm aiming to surpass Kakarot.  I'll demonstrate my ambition to you fools.
Shadow: And how are you going to do that?  Only I can perform this skill.

Music: [/]

Vegeta looks up at him and smirks.  He then gathers his energy and makes a raging yell, shaking the entire land with his incredible power.  Everyone is awed by his tremendous power up.  His yelling and might is making most of the members nervous, including the Gems.  Lapis and Peridot are hugging together in hoping for the tremor and his raging yell to stop.  Mew is still watching the fight with curiosity than being in fear.

Lapis: Why is he screaming?  Tell him to stop!
Peridot: Is this clod trying to destroy Earth?
Mew: Meew?
Goku: Aaw, I want to join in too!  Can I?
Steve: Are you seeing this!?  Why is he shaking the planet?
Piccolo: This happens all the time.  Don't worry about it.

Vegeta continues to yell and raise his power.  Cynthia, Mega Garchomp, and Shadow are shocked as they watch his hair turning yellow.  Yellow aura emits around his body and static electricity flashes out of it.  Vegeta has emerged into his Super Saiyan state.

Music Stops.

----Cynthia and Shadow vs. Vegeta----

Pearl: WHA-WHAT!?  HIM TOO!?
Steven: Wow!
Lars: Ooo!  This is going to be awesome!  
Sadie: This is like watching cool action anime!

Shadow and Cynthia are amazed by his transformation, but Shadow is feeling a bit tense from sensing his unusual power.

Vegeta: Hahaha!  How do you like it?  The true Super Saiyan!  
Cynthia: Vegeta, I'm very impressed with your form, but please... I want to face Shadow alone.
Shadow: .....

Vegeta chuckles to himself.  Mega Garchomp senses its trainer's anxiety and flies down next to her.  Cynthia takes a breath when she saw her Garchomp defending her.

Music: [/]

Vegeta: If you wish to fight him alone, you'll have to get rid of me first.  I recommend you both team up for this one because I'm going to destroy you both in this ascended form.  

Vegeta fires two ki waves with both hands.  Shadow quickly goes to Cynthia, dodging the first blast.  He quickly slaps the second ki shot away from Cynthia and Garchomp, saving them from the potential blast.

Shadow: You asked for it.  Cynthia, lets go.
Cynthia: I was having a good time, Vegeta.  Now I have to punish you.  Garchomp, Dragon Rush!

Mega Garchomp shrouds with a giant dragon-like aura and charges at Vegeta.  Veget stood where he is and waits for the Pokemon to come near him.  He then vanishes and avoids the attack.  Mega Garchomp stopped with confusion.

Cynthia: Where is-

Vegeta reappears in front of Garchomp and delivers a deadly blow into its belly.  The blow knocks it to the air and falling down to the ground.  Garchomp crashes on top of the grass.

Vegeta then charges up another ki blast from his hand and aims at Garchomp.  His ki became a circular shape with bright blue energy.

Vegeta: Big Bang Attack!

The blast fires from his hand.  Cynthia is shocked by the ki coming towards her Pokemon, but then Shadow intercepts the ki with his hands and sent it back to Vegeta with a mighty push.  Vegeta blocks himself for protection and his own attack collided with an explosion.  The smoke covers him from being seen.

Pearl: Yes!  Excellent work, Shadow!  You showed him what for!
Sokka: So how come he and Goku can shoot energy but no us?
Steve: I'm not sure.  Maybe that's their own unique mechanics in the Z Universe. 
Goku: You guys can learn them too you know.
Connie: Really?
Tiff: Guys look!
Kirby: Puya!

Tiff points at the battle.  Under the smoke, Vegeta survives the attack with only dust marks on his body.  As he sets his defense down, Super Shadow strikes him with a powerful spin dash attack.  He then knocks him away with a horizontal kick.  Vegeta forces himself from being launched farther.  He stops and floats above the ground.

Vegeta: You call that an attack?  You're a disgrace!
Shadow: And you should look up.

Vegeta is confused.  He looks up and sees Garchomp coming straight down at him with two glowing blades ready to strike.  

Cynthia: Brick Break!

Garchomp swings its blades and with a severe impact, Vegeta is crushed to the ground and another crater was made.  Shadow flies up above the crater and charges up his power in his hand.  

Cynthia: Just in case use Poison Jab!

Vegeta tries to get up, but then Garchomp kicks him up to its face.  It then throws a Poison Jab at his gut, causing Vegeta to petrify by the stinging pain of the toxic stab.  He holds his gut for a second and then becomes angry at Garchomp.

Vegeta powers up a bit with an aura flare.  He grabs Garchomp by the leg and threw it out of the crater.

Cynthia: Garchomp!
Vegeta: Get out of my sight!

He vanishes and then reappears in back of Garchomp.  He throws a powerful chop at its shoulder, shaking its body and forcing it to revert back to its normal form.  Garchomp collapses and faints near his feet.  Cynthia is disappointed with Vegeta while he scorns at her and Garchomp.

Cynthia: ....
Vegeta: Next time know your place, or else you'll be the one who collapses.

The members are feeling sorry for Cynthia's loss.

Dawn: Aaww...
Brock: With one chop Cynthia and Garchomp are out of the battle.
Pearl: Well...she tried her best.  But don't worry.  The most powerful warrior, Shadow will avenge her.
Shadow: That's right.

Vegeta looks up and sees Shadow all charged up.  Shadow fires a powerful Chaos Spear.

Shadow: Chaos Spear!

The energy blast hits Vegeta from where he stands.  The smoke covers him up again and everyone waits to see if the attack was effective.  Cynthia returns her Pokemon back in her Poke Ball.

Cynthia: It was fun while it lasted.  Just wish I had only Shadow as an opponent though.  This battle was nothing but an interference.

The smoke lifts and it reveals Vegeta holding his arm.  Shadow's charged Chaos Spear has caused damage to him.  He then lets go and released his rage.  His yell shakes the field again.  After the yelling, he vanishes and reappears next to Shadow.  He's caught off guard when he saw him.  Vegeta slams him down with his two fists.

Shadow falls down to the ground and tumbled across the grass.

Pearl: No!  There is no way he can be beaten!
Lars: Yeah!  Keep it up!

Music Stops.

Vegeta descends back down to the ground several feet away from Shadow.  He then opens two arms wide and placed them in the center with two hands facing at Shadow.  He is preparing for a devastating attack.

Vegeta: We Saiyans are the most dominant warriors in the universe, even yours, hedgehog!  Now admit defeat!  HAAAAGGHHH!

Shadow gets back up and sees his hands charging up a lot of energy.  He senses that the attack will be too severe to withstand.  He comes up with only one solution.  He begins to gather his massive energy and his body is glowing red.

Shadow: Alright then... this is how you wanted?  If you can penetrate this, you have proven your might.

His body became more red than gold.  Pearl and Cynthia are shocked when they realize his technique.

Pearl: Oh no...NOT AGAIN!
Cynthia: He's going to use Chaos Blast!
Goku: Chaos Blast?
Connie: Uh oh...

Vegeta is almost charged as well as Shadow.  He quickly informs Steven.

Shadow: Steven, protect them!
Steven: Got it!  Everyone, stay close!

Steven summons a giant bubble with spikes and got everyone in it.  They are all safe from the incoming explosion.  Vegeta and Shadow are fully charged and they are ready to unleash their attacks.

Vegeta: FINAL....
Shadow: CHAOS....
Vegeta: FLAAASH!
Shadow: BLAAAST!

Vegeta's monstrous energy wave is fired and Shadow's gigantic explosion expands the field.  As the two ultimate attacks collide, a bright flash and an earthquake was made.  Across the globe everyone is being affected by the shaking.  Some of the buildings like in Empire City are collapsing and people are panicking.  The waves in Beach City are crashing and the planet itself in space view, a bright shine can be seen on a huge continent.

In the fields everyone braced the explosion.  Lapis is holding Mew tight and avoids it from looking at the brightness.  Goku and Piccolo are blinded by the intense flash of their collision.  Outside of the bubble, Peridot and Lapis's barn is being wrecked by the collision.  All their stuff is being destroyed and their crops are cut off.  After a few seconds the collision stopped with another explosion.  The brightness has gone down and the blast radius has decreased.

----Battle Ended----

The grass has been extinguished into dirt and the trees' leaves have been burned up.  On each side of the field reveals Shadow and Vegeta in their normal states.  They both have received serious damage.  Small blood spots, scratches, and dirt are everywhere on their body.  They both pant slowly and saw each other standing.  They chuckled with satisfaction as they are convinced they got what it takes to survive each other's attacks.

Shadow: Hmhm...
Vegeta: Hehehe... I're not that weak after all...
Shadow: ...You...have my respect... we'll finish this properly... another time...
Vegeta: I... agree...

Shadow falls and lies down with exhaustion, while Vegeta drops on one knee and continues to pant.

Goku: Is it...a draw?
Piccolo: I'm not sure, but at least it's over.  We should get going now before other planets fall to Yvaatu.
Goku: I'll give them some Senzu Beans.

Goku walks up to Shadow.  He hands one Senzu Bean to him.

Goku: It's a Senzu Bean.  It'll restore you back to normal.

Shadow chews on the bean and then few seconds later he is fully healed.  He gets back up as if he hadn't fought.  While Goku heads over to Vegeta, Mew flies from Lapis and heads over to Vegeta first.  

Lapis: Bubble Cat?
Goku: Huh?
Mew: Meew...
Vegeta: you want?

Mew places its hands towards Vegeta and emits Healing Pulse on him.  The energy heals Vegeta to half of his health.  He stands back up feeling a little sore.  He checks everywhere on his body.

Goku: Oh!  I guess Bubble Cat healed you, Vegeta.
Vegeta: I see, but not fully.  Hmph.  Thanks anyway.
Mew: Mew!  Mew!

Most of the members are pleased to see Mew helping Vegeta, even Lapis.

Brock: I guess it used Healing Pulse.
Lapis: Healing Pulse?
Brock: It's a move where the Pokemon shoots a wave of healing energy to its allies.  As a result the ally becomes healed.
Cynthia: Mew can also learn many Pokemon techniques.  It has every Pokemon's DNA after all.  Consider yourself as the luckiest Gem to befriend such an amazing Pokemon or should I say.... trainer.

Her voice is similar to her friend, Moonstone.  She feels delighted.

Lapis: Thank you, Moon Moth- I m-mean Cynthia.  Heheh.

Cynthia is puzzled with her being frazzled and blushed.  Lapis turns the other way, but then she saw Ash.  Her blush became large so she looks back to the field instead.  Ash is puzzled as well.

Steve: That was an amazing fight, guys.  Maybe Shadow isn't the only strongest fighter we have.
Vegeta: Well if my Super Saiyan God form wasn't stolen by Yvaatu, I could've won with one blow.
Shadow: Or maybe if you hadn't enter the battle, we could've have a fair fight after-

Suddenly Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo sensed a powerful energy at Beach City.  They identified the owner and in shock they know who it is.

Piccolo: Oh no...
Vegeta: It's him...
Sonic: Who is?
Goku: ....Cell.

Everyone gasps in fright.  Sadie and Lars are confused by the name.

Lars: Who is this Cell?
Sadie: Is it bad?
Piccolo: He's at the town!  Damn it!  I knew it we should've left!  
Pearl: Then lets go stop him!  Together we can take him down!
Goku: I hope so.  Alright, we'll go there with my Instant Transmission.

As the members get close to him for Instant Transmission, Shadow is getting a bad feeling as he walks up to them.

Shadow: (If he's here...I bet Yvaatu will be coming here as well.  I just hope nothing goes wrong.)

Goku vanishes with his technique and the barn and field was left alone.  Somewhere in the field, Dark Sonic saw them leave and then he waits for Yvaatu to approach the planet.

Dark Sonic: The more divine darkness I consume... I will even surpass you, Saiyans...  

To Be Continued....

World War Chaos 3- Chapter 19
Took me so long but I finished it.  The 19th chapter of my crossover.  Shadow and Cynthia are challenging each other to see who is truly the strongest member in the team, until someone else joined in the fight.

Just like the previous chapter, this contains some Moonstone (OC) references as well.

Ch. 18:
Ch. 20: TBA


Sonic, Shadow, Dark Sonic (c) Sonic Series, SEGA

Ash, Brock, Dawn, Cynthia, Serena, Pikachu, Piplup, Croagunk, Garchomp, Mew, (c) Pokemon, Game Freak

Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo (c) Dragon Ball Z, Funimation

Steven, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, Lapis, Connie, Greg, Lars, Sadie (c) Steven Universe, Cartoon Network

Mordecai, Rigby, Benson (c) Regular Show, Cartoon Network

Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko (c) Avatar Last Airbender, Nickelodeon

Kirby, Tiff, Meta Knight (c) Kirby Right Back at Ya, 4Kids Entertainment

Po (c) Kung Fu Panda, Dreamworks

Steve (c) Minecraft, Mojang/Microsoft


Moonstone OC (c) Me

Beerus, Perfect Cell (c) Dragon Ball Z, Funimation

Maria (c) Sonic Series, SEGA
Pokemon Cynthia- SU style- Moonstone
The champion of Sinnoh in her Gemsona. Her name is Moonstone and her gem is located on her right hand. I like Cynthia and Steven Universe, so I made this. I called her Moonstone because "Cynthia" is referred to Artemis, the moon goddess. Her symbol is the crescent moon. Her weapon is based on Garchomp's claw.

For this Gemsona, she is neither with the Crystal Gems and the Homeworld. Instead she calls herself the Light Gem and her soul duty is to watch over the Gem Gods' gemstones.  In her second story, she is known to be the half Gem Goddess of Destruction.  When her hair lights up and rises, she is capable of destroying the planet with just one energy shot from her gem.  

Better Quality of her/References:

Origin: Homeworld in the ancient time  (use to serve the diamonds)

Pronoun: She/Her

-Moon Mother (Lapis's point of view)
-Moon Witch (nicknamed by OC rival)
-Blue Cynthia (crossover special)
-The Light Gem
-Prime Moonstone (final story)

Resides: Earth, Starry Ruins (fanmade)

Type: Light Gem and Gem Goddess

Weapon: Grappling Hook Gun/Blade. The claw has a harpoon effect which can cause impalement and shatter a gemstone. The shield part is very impenetrable.  It also has high resistance to electrical attacks since Garchomp is a ground type. (meaning electric attacks cannot harm ground types.)

Role: Guarding the God Gemstones of Dialga and Palkia (pokemon)

Likes: Rose Quartz, Steven, Crystal Gems, Connie, and Lapis Lazuli.  She and Lapis use to be partners.  In her second story and her backstory she has OCs as friends.

Dislikes: Crystal Gems (temporary) , Homeworld Gems, the Diamond Authority, anyone who trespasses her sanctuary, and Sunstone (Cyrus's Gem counterpart).  Being reminded as a destroyer.


1. Light Energy Blasts
2. Spin Dash
3. Slice Beams from spinning her hair.
4. Levitation and bubble shield
5. Vanish
6. Light Sword 
7. Moon Glow (hair lighting up) 
    -Soothes anxiety
    -Immune to any status effects
    -Increases power
    -Automatically turns on at night
    -Restores anything she has destroyed or killed, even a shattered Gem 
8.Moon Berserk(Her ascended and true form)
    -Enough power to destroy planets
    -Stats increased to god level
    -Brighten the moon or turning the moon red
    -Heaven's Blast (final resort) The moon itself will fire a monstrous laser on an opponent for an instant kill, but in return Moonstone reverts to her gemstone.

*She is also an elite fighter.  She has been training ever since she was made under her mentor Celestite and then later the Diamonds.  To her present day she continues to train to protect her friends and her god gemstones.  She has a quick regeneration time during her gemstone state.

Wants: Since she is lonely, she sometimes wishes for a friend. 

Personality: Calm, Nice, Gets angry and serious if anything is jeopardizing the God Gemstones, and just like her human counterpart, some people find her attractive.  Her emotions can swell up when she becomes discomfort by being reminded of her true nature as a destroyer.

Gem War: Before the war, she meets Rose and wishes her good luck on the battlefield. She did not participate in the war.

Corrupted Form: Her corrupted form would be Garchomp (pokemon) 

*Blood Moonstone (???): Unlike all corrupted forms, she is still in her normal form but her hair is red and her personality is malicious.  This is because her destructive powers are overflowing due to her lack of destruction.  THIS FORM WILL BE MADE IN THE FUTURE BUT SHE WON'T BE IN HER FANFICS.


She was born with the Gem ancestors and she is in a Gem tribe who are associated with the Gem Gods.  Moonstone has been training with her ancestor since she was young because she is destined to be the next Light Gem.  A Light Gem is the one who guards the God Gemstones.  Several years later, the successors of the Homeworld, Diamonds rise into power and declared the extermination of the Gem ancestors.  They believe that their knowledge would become more superior to the Diamond's.  The leaders took in Moonstone and made her into their best Gem warrior because of her continuous training she is taking.  Then, during in her homeworld life under the authority, Moonstone took in Lapis Lazuli who is pretty young and defenseless at that time and trains her powers.

After that Lapis left her for thousands of years.  She then flees from the diamonds and finds her place on Earth.  She guards her god gemstones in the Starry Ruins from any foe and any enemy that has come upon her has been shattered.

Much later after she met Steven, she reveals herself as the Gem Goddess of Destruction.  Many of her friends questioned her and she became devastated.  Then she had no choice but to join her villainous counterpart, Sunstone and fused to become the true supreme God of Destruction, Eclipse Stone.  In the end, her dear friend Lapis sacrificed herself to free Moonstone and helped her realize that despite being a destroyer, she will always have someone to love.  Moonstone no longer feels lonely and she continues to watch over her gemstones and her new friends when she is needed.


She is made for the fanfiction only.

Pokemon and Cynthia belongs to Game Freak
Steven and Steven Universe belongs to Cartoon Network
Moonstone Gemsona belongs to ToonEmpire24


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Here is a short teaser for the future project and codename Truth.

In the post apocalyptic setting in the world of the unknown universe.  Many cities are in ruins and there are no sign of humanity left.  Only huge flames covering the landscape, the ash falls like snow, and the dusk of night making the scene more tragic.  

The entire scene pans slowly as the voice of Beerus is talking to another deity's voice.  Her voice is feminine.

Beerus: Look at this world.  It has finally reached its expiration date.  You have nothing else to watch over but yourself.
???: I still have him to watch over.  Our life is not over yet.  Please, Beerus.... help me this once.  You just have to eliminate the enemy.  Once he's gone... we can restore everything.

The scene fades away and everything became dark.

Few seconds later, a smack was heard.  The next scene appears and it shows the Goddess of Light, Palutena on the floor with a bruise on her cheek.  Beerus goes up to her with an intense glare.

Beerus: You don't remember, do you?  Why should I help you after what you have done to me?
Palutena: Lord Beerus...
Beerus: .....It is not my job to help others with their problems.  It was your problem....and you have failed to fix it.  

The scene fades out and then fades back.  It shows Beerus aiming his hand at the goddess as she holds the weakened Pit in her arms.  His purple ki grows from his palm.

Beerus: I could help you, but the only thing I can do is to destroy your planet.
Palutena: Like always... stubborn and selfish.  

Beerus becomes angry.

Palutena: I want my friend back!  

Beerus swings his arm to fire his ki blast, but then Goku stops him by grabbing his arm.  Beerus is shocked as he sees Goku's glare.

The scene turns black again.

It then shows Sonic and Goku outside of the stone fields.

Sonic: I hope she's right.  If it's really them... this...this could change my life forever.
Goku: And if it's true, don't just go up to them and reason.  They'll just try to attack you and ignore everything you say.

Sometime during their search in the fields, they encountered someone floating above them.  He fires two energy shots at them.  Sonic and Goku dodged the blasts.

Goku: There you are!
???: So you're the one they call Goku.  I am curious to see how much power you have.
Sonic: And don't forget me!  Sonic the Hedgehog!  I heard you were beating up Lady Palutena for her energy!  And the two... you're responsible for them!
???: I am the one who torments Palutena day after day, but I am not the one who placed them under mind control.  They're just under my authority.

Behind the stranger came out a giant hologram of the Goddess of Darkness, Medusa.  Sonic and Goku are in their battle positions.

The next last scene then shows Palutena sitting next to Sonic in the wilderness under the starry sky.  

Sonic: You don't need Beerus. You got me and Goku.  Our duty as the United World is to protect other worlds and universes.
Palutena: And that was something I didn't support with.  But after meeting you and Goku... (sighs)  I wish they were all here.  But now I rely on Beerus.
Sonic: Why do you need his help so much?
Palutena: .... In this world, the true threat to the multiverse lies dormant.  So belongs in the forbidden outside belt.

The scene returns to the flaming lands.  Standing on one of the floating rocks from the destroyed Skyworld is Hyper Sonic and Goku Super Saiyan Blue (SSGSS).  In front of them... a gigantic terrifying mouth full of sharp teeth slowly opens and widens before them.

In development probably at late 2018

Also Project Destiny will be planned for development too.

Sonic (c) Sonic Series, SEGA

Goku, Beerus (c) Dragon Ball Z, Funimation

Palutena, Pit, Medusa (c) Kid Icarus, Nintendo


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I enjoy making crossover art and crossover fanfictions.
My signature fan series is "World War Chaos"

As a Steven Universe fan, my Gemsona/OC is Moonstone. She is the Champion Cynthia of Steven Universe. I also do a fanfic series for her which involves Gem Gods and Goddesses.



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